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Check How Hollywood Movies are Made on Green Screen

We grew up watching some movies which we didn’t realize the tricks and how the directors behind those films were able to depict those scenes we watched. Sometimes we wonder how such actions are done by characters in those movies. Films like Anaconda, Terminator, Journey to the west, Spider Man, Bat Man, Super Man and the rest comes to when we talk of live actions in movies which seemed not doable in real life.

Well in this 21st century we have figured out how those actions are achieved by film makers, we have all heard of Green screen and CGI or 3D Animation. The technique of green screen means, there is going to be a change of the background in which characters are acting in front. CGI which means Character Generated Images, are also used to create Characters or 3D Models used in movies.

For instance if a movie demands that a Helicopter will be burnt to ashes or made to crashed, 3D Animators Models the Helicopter with a 3D software and animate it to crash or burn it. This is then inserted into the movie. These CGI is so real that, it will be difficult for one to notice it’s not real.

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