Car crash on Accra-Cape Coast Highway leaves one dead, ten others injured

One person has been confirmed dead, while ten others have sustained various degrees of injury after a Metro Mass Transit bus collided with a Toyota Corolla car on the Accra-Cape Coast road on Saturday, September 11, 2021.

The bus had registration number GS 2614-17 and was headed for Accra from Takoradi, while the Toyota Corolla with registration number GV 22-14 was also heading to Mankessim from Accra.

The incident occurred at the Ekumfi Ekwamkrom section of the Accra-Cape Coast highway.

Eyewitnesses say the Toyota Corolla made a wrong overtaking in a sharp curve and collided with the Metro Mass Transit bus.

“Our driver really tried his best to avoid the Corolla, but it was quite impossible. If not for the Metro Mass Transit bus, we would have all died.”

“My friends and I were seated here when the incident happened. We realised the Corolla was speeding. So when it made the sharp curve, it could not apply the brake on time.”

Citi News understands the driver of the saloon car died instantly after the crash, while ten passengers in the Metro Mass Transit bus sustained various injuries.

The injured persons are receiving treatment at the Mankessim Roman Catholic Hospital, while the body of the deceased has been deposited at Saltpond mortuary for preservation and autopsy.

While citizens are dying on daily basis through road accidents, our leaders are using our taxes to buy v8s

Just count the number of cars in the video below :point_down:t4:

Due too this our bad road maintenance and car maintenance

It’s about time Ministry Of Roads And Highways put measures in place to get rid or reduce accidents happening on our Highways. I’ve recognize something about most of our highways that these accidents mostly happens. These highways normally are single lane road and the possibility that the cars using such highways to meet head on is at large. This highways should be expanded there by making it at least two lane roads to prevent or reduce such accidents. Drivers must also learn a lesson from this unnecessary overtaking which results into the death of innocent people.

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While citizens are dying on daily basis through road accidents, our leaders are using our taxes to buy v8s

If we want to talk about politicians and their deeds, then we may become discouraged to even stand on our own to do something. I’m even tired of talking about them. At least, tens and hundreds of people die daily on Ghanaian roads but what action do we see?

Aside leaders incompetence, we got serious attitudinal problem as people. Indiscipline on these accident prone roads will make you wonder if accident really exists.

Absolutely nothing they’ve done :x::x::x:

Some drivers on our roads will make you start asking yourself, “where did this people learned how to drive?” They drive as if life is two or more and when you lose one, you will still have extra lives to live. The indiscipline on our roads now is getting out of hand and as a result, many innocent lives has been lost. It’s about time we start sanctioning these careless drivers to deter others from engaging in careless driving.

They don’t necessarily swerve those potholes. The V8 is big enough to bump in and otof those potholes. The occupants hear no sound when in it . How can they understand what the people are going through?

This part make I laugh saa​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Aswear I’ve a brother erh if he dey drive wey adey the car inside as if make I vomit, the speed but chairman no fit talk ooo

It’s somehow funny but very serious problem that needs attention. I sometimes ask myself, “who granted this kind of driver’s license to drive?” What some drivers do on our roads can shock you.

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You de3 continue sitting inside his car :joy::joy:

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:joy::joy::joy: I’ve advised myself ooo

You better advise yourself before we start seeing your funeral posters on the wall :joy::joy:

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Hmm you won’t speak up against overspeeding and careless driving, you won’t to join your ancestors early be that oo.

Learn to speak up against any social disorder to save lives and properties bro

Chale I don’t sit in his presence again ooo​:joy::joy::joy:

Another accident on the Cape Coast Highway :frowning::frowning: What is happening in this country. Are our ancestors punishing us for choosing wrong leaders ? Because the accidents are becoming too much :unamused:

Please leave your ancestors. Ask yourself why is it always cape coast - winniba highway, kintanpo and accra Kumasi highways ; not forgetting tema and other major highways? Our ancestors don’t need to come tell us to dualise our roads or stop over speeding and careless traffic offences.