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Can we justify internet fraud?(Sakawa)

Okay man thanks :blush:. Will check it out

So what do we have history scholars for? If someone can dig so deep to come up with the theory of evolution just to prove that the bible is not genuine, then they can do the same to our history if they feel like the narrative is not right and it was manipulated!

On the flip side, have you heard of our Fantasy League? @Emfboss

The colonial subjugation of the Europeans on our continent, was never a joke to begin with. What they came to do in Africa, how can you blame our people for being naive and ignorant for trusting a white man

No please. Bro speak I’m with you


The real history is with them and it will never come out. What they did and continue to do to us you have no idea. For them to continue their atrocities they introduced democracy

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Back then, could our ancestors read and write? That’s what I want to know. If they couldn’t then how did they write history?

You see, why aren’t we thinking about stuff like these, even those who could read a bit, the words were dictated to pen down, how well did they understand what they were writing.

They can’t read or write but they can speak and narrate. Or?

If it’s narration, by the time the information reaches the fourth person, it’s has been modified with what they thought they might have heard, some of those who relay the information could have added/removed essential parts of the information. That kind of history will never be pure and true.


I don’t see this be atrocious. We are killing ourselves in this country. Let’s leave the whites alone.

It’ll contain all the relevant details bro. It can’t all be diluted just like that. Look at Ghana’s politics for instance and tell me it’s the whites that are manipulating them.

They are the puppeteers manipulating our system, forced us into democracy and left to control us from their stand back in their lands, how can you run a country with a concept developed by a white man without consulting them every time

So the white man told the politicians to cater for their own needs and neglect the citizenry right?

How did they come to office? We voted for them right? Which means the power is with the people. So when I say we are responsible for our own problems, you should understand me.

They taught us democracy, like we had the monarchy , and it was working out well for us until they came and taught us crap and went back and they practicing monarchy

Lol…I thought Nkrumah was the one who fought for our liberation? He said we needed to be independent right?

The black man is capable of managing his own affairs

We were forced to accept defeat thinking it was liberation, after they had left, like if it were total freedom, why are we still speaking their language. We should have reset everything and start with our own structure, but no instead we stuck to their ways and continue to deteriorate our own system.

Which language would you have preferred? Ga or Twi? :joy::joy::joy:

We could have created our own jargon … or stick to our major local languages like China. perhaps Twi, and it would be taught in schools alongside other foreign languages, so they don’t come and manipulate us.