Building a Startup in Ghana - (Your Opinions and Advice)

So I have been in China for some years now, and I am planning to come back to Ghana to establish myself and my startup well, and be able to launch a few software in the name of Ghana(“a Ghana tech company”). As the the target auds or users won’t be for only Ghanaians, but is worldwide. I have asked people about their opinions on what the best practices are, the state of the economy and how it may affect a young tech startup, should that happen.

Funny thing is, most people are saying “You should go to America for this or stay in China and run that load”. Well, I don’t like this answer, and I am actually ignoring them, as there is none to tell me , “Oh that will be a great idea”. I don’t actually know what, and why.

Does anyone has an experience in starting up? What’s your advice and recommendation? How do you hire the best talents and quote employees’ payroll? What’s the do’s and don’ts?

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Starting a Tech business in Ghana is not easy but it’s doable.
Not easy in terms of raising funds as the ecosystem is still nascent. However, it’s still doable in the sense that you can still raise funds from international sources (from your networks in China or elsewhere).

Assessing talent (software) locally is only challenging if your remuneration package (cash and stock options) are not compelling or competitive. Hiring talent locally or from the continent (Nigeria) is significantly lower in terms of cost, compared to hiring in China, Europe or the USA.

You may face other challenges - utilities (water & power), expensive internet services, bureaucratic and corrupt government systems, etc).

In summary, I can confidently tell you that despite all the challenges outlined above, it is way better to build a tech business in Ghana or Africa, because these are emerging/frontier markets, so most of the problems are all money making opportunities. Also, you can identify a solved problem elsewhere and adapt a solution for Ghana or Africa.

If you have further questions, let me know.

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This is so true.

If you guess, what is the average salary for a developer in Ghana

For junior developers, the range is ghs 5000 - ghs 7000, and for senior developers ghs 8000 plus.

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I’m sure you know this because you’ve already talked to people directly. But it’s worth repeating. You can start your business in Ghana, but the people saying you should start elsewhere have a point.

First of all, there are create talents in Ghana and Africa. No doubt about that. But if should start, I advice you first get loyal people as your core employees/workers/ board members etc.

Second, you should also be vigilant, very vigilant of the people you work with. Don’t even think for a second that they believe in your vision. They may, but don’t risk it.


This is quite a huge problem you should spend time on. As the company grows, more government people will interfere. Give them what they want or they collapse your business.

Now whether you believe me on this or not isn’t the problem. I recommend that you start on the low key. Think of growing silently. When you gain enough footing, you may have enough reputation to resist them. Maybe.

I also suggest you talk to the higher ups for advice, if you know one. If you know any big CEO, talk to them and they’ll show you how things work in Ghana. There’s a reason why those people don’t talk on the media like the young people. They know things.

But choose who you talk to carefully.

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That’s a great take bro

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That’s also a great one bro, thanks man