British Who Pounced On Ghanaian Security Officer And Gave Him Heavy Beating On The Street Arrested

The Sunyani Regional Police command has confirmed the arrrest of a British National Mr. Christopher Francis Coope for beating a security and safety officer from the Ghana National Fire Service. A journalist who tried to video the scene for news publication wasn’t spared as the well built British National assaulted him as well.

After breaking the news, many people felt that the security officer and journalist were being too mean with intimidation intentions.

According to the details, the Ghana National Fire Service officer entered the shop of the British National to inspect Fire safety measures. The British reportedly denied the security man entry because he wasn’t holding any form of identification.

The over powerful and determined Fire man forced himself inside the shop. This resulted in a scuffle leading to the British fighting with the Fire man. The British single handedly pulled the Fire man out onto the streets. The scene was reportedly heated that the fire man got some beating from the white man right away.

The security officer had no option than to ran to the police and lodge an official complaint. Armed police officers were deployed to arrest Mr Christopher Francis Coope. Ridiculous Preliminary charges laid by the Fire man explains that, Mr Christopher Francis Coope was using generator in shop without Fire Service safety regulation. The Ghana Police Service has also charged him with assault.

Armed Police were later sent to guard the shop 24 hours to prevent thieves from breaking in.

The big question is that : HAS THE FIRE SERVICE FINISHED ARRESTING GHANAIANS USING GENERATORS IN THE METROPOLIS? Its still mind blowing as to why the Fire man chose to enter the white man’s shop alone while thousands of Ghanaians are using GENERATORS in the same circumstances.

Your guess is as good as mine.

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This is a very nice question, as a matter of fact I guess the fire man wanted to claim some coins from the white man because he knows that nothing wl be given to him if he arrest Ghana man with such a charge or offense

But chale the white man should’ve beaten him harder and harder :joy::joy::joy:

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