Breaking News: 2,034 fail Law School entrance exam

Two thousand and thirty-four (2,034) LLB candidates who sat for the 2021/2021 academic year Ghana School of Law 2021 Entrance Exams failed in the exams.

of the 2,824 students from the various law faculties across the country who sat for the exam, only 790 of them passed representing approximately 28% while the failure represents 72%

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:grinning::grinning::grin:, this life no balance kwraa, our fellow learned colleagues are failing common entrance exams with this wide margin of 72%, very soon you won’t get any a lawyer to represent us in court oo eei. There’s something fishy about this mass failure. I may be wrong, maybe the standards are now higher.

How can this plenty people fail entrance exams. And if I may ask what do the entrance exams have to do with what they are going to learn. These are some of the reasons why we get incompetent people at work places simply because he/ she doesn’t pass.