Bought my first NFTs for Kawaii Islands Play-To-Earn Game 🎮

There’s a play-to-earn game on the blockchain that I’ve invested some money in. Just today I decided to spend some of my investments to buy field and plant NFTs that I can use to produce dyes and sell in the game. Each plant can reproduce fruits to full capacity in 30mins so my strategy at the start is to set a timer for every 30mins, do something productive and then go harvest the fruits to make dyes to sell on the market. For 25 dyes I can get about $12.

If I can make enough dyes I can spend the money on other NFTs to buy more NFTs. It’s an early start and I hope this investment turns out to be a smart one.

I spent 5000KWT = $900 on 2 fields and 2 plants NFTs. So to get my capital back, I should produce 1875 dyes. Long way, but I don’t mind because I’m using this time to hold my KWT until its value appreciates. Win-win I guess.

This is how my portfolio looks currently:

I’ve seen people making about $50-$200 per day in Kawaii Islands, this is more than possible if you have a considerable amount of the NFTs.

Here’s how much I spent on each NFT

Greenoo 1,080KWT ($194.586)
Greenoo 1,150KWT ($208.831)
Field 1,200KWT ($217.911)
Field 1,200KWT ($217.911)


Congratulations, you have finally bought your own NFT @siaw. We’re also learning bit by bit from you on how to make passive income online.

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It’s only been a day. So far I’ve clocked about $50. But I’ve also bought more NFTs. The beauty about this is, you can sell the NFTs later. I bought some of my NFTs for cheap and put them back on the market for a higher price. :laughing:

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So, the four NFT cost you $900? That’s not a small amount for someone who wants to start. :joy:

No it’s not a small amount. For most people I can understand this will be hard. But I’ve seen people also starting with about $300, playing and earning to buy more NFTs. I started big… my total investment is about $4500, make at least $50/day.

Here’s a list of all the NFTs I’ve bought so far:

Cloray 3,000 ($523.929)

Hedglass 2,999 ($484.773)

Greenoo 1,080 ($194.586)

Greenoo 1,150 ($208.831)

Greenoo 1,240 ($215.189)

Greenoo 1,250 ($203.941)

Greenoo 1238 $229.973

Greenoo 1238 $229.973

Greenoo 2,000 ($359.56)

Snowberry 1050 $182.253

Field 1,200 ($217.911)

Field 1,200 ($217.911)

Field 1100 $191.562

Field 1150 $187.625

Field 1100 $202.588

Field 1100 $202.588

Okay. That’s another way to go about it. I definitely would love to start small so I can acquire more NFT as I climb higher.

You don’t have to play the game. You can just buy KWT and hold it, when KWT prices go high up (which it will) you can sell it. I’m just playing the game because I already have the KWT, just bought the NFTs with my KWT that I’m holding.

I’m currently holding 77 KWT. Is there a VERY cheap NFT on the market that I can buy? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

77 KWT is not much! :crazy_face:

I thought as much. :rofl:

@Syrupkuv come and bail me. :rofl::rofl:

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I nearly asked this question. I want December money seriously. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

What is December money?

Lol… it’s a normal word use here in Ghana. It’s like some money you’ve saved to spend or to enjoy yourself with in Xmas Festive. :sweat_smile:

Bro we gonna pull up soon :joy:

“December money”… you people are not serious kraaa

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Most people in Ghana makes savings for December nkuaa ooo after that then we start at fresh :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I can’t stop laughing :joy::joy:

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Business is going well. 2 days ago I sold some dyes that I got from plants. Created more dyes to sell and also some of the NFTs I bought for cheap at a higher price. But thinking about this more, I figured it’ll be a good game to teach kids entrepreneurship, this game is solely about making money and being strategic while learning time management skills at the same time since everything in the game is based on time.

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