Bolt driver beheaded in Kumasi laid to rest


The Bolt driver, who was beheaded at Feyiase in the Ashanti Region, has been laid to rest.

A funeral service was held for Israel Agyei Manu, who was also headteacher at Rogel Montessori & Basic School at Atonsu, at Gyinaase on Sunday, July 18.

Israel Agyei Manu, who was initially reported to be an Uber driver, was gruesomely murdered exactly two weeks ago a few minutes after visiting his fiancee at Feyiase.

His decapitated body was found in an uncompleted building at Feyiase New Site.

So far, three suspects have been picked up.

Prime suspect Rashid Ibrahim, who has admitted to the murder, took the police to the crime scene.

He claims a ritualist he watched on television on Amansan TV asked for a human head to make him rich

Bolt drivers who attended Sunday’s funeral called for justice.

Their spokesperson, Isaac Boateng, said if security measures are not improved, the murder of the colleague will spark a positive defiance.

The family said they have no confidence in the manner in which the police are handling the case.

Uncle of the deceased, Owusu Ansah, is worried the state of insecurity in the country breeds no hope.


Chale, this issue if insecurity is becoming serious oo. A bread winner for the family is gone and gone foreve. What a sad and wicked world we live in . The people who did this are still waking around the society and causing more harm and havic to familie.

May God bring the family the justice and console them. This shouldn’t happen to anyone or any family. We are not free from any attack.

So, the issue about Police not doing their job is something we have to be worried about. I will advise all of us to learn a little bit of self defense just in case you’ll have to use it. We can’t keep trusting the security forces for protection any longer. Even then police themselves no dey see top, how much more the people. May he rest well.

We pay for security but we are still scared for our lives the moment we leave our various houses the police as well, we are living in a country where each one for himself God for as all, if you rely on the police for protection I doubt you will live to 40.

The system is not working. Unlike the developed countries like the U.S, you can estimate the time it’ll take the police to arrive at a crime scene. Investigation is so advanced that, you can hardly go scot free when you commit a crime. When are we going to invest in our own security system? In the United States, The Defense Department is asking Congress for $715 billion in its fiscal 2022 budget, an increase of about $10 billion from what was allocated in 2021. President Joe Biden’s budget proposal seeks $753 billion overall for national defense and we are approving car loans and building national cathedrals.