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Black Stars Vrs Brazil: Takes

Im sure most watched the game last night, what did you make of it! What need to happen? Under two months away can me put on a show🤔?

The Black Stars is not a serious team anymore. 3 goals, no consolation mpo. This world cup like they didn’t go mpo anka is better… we should forget the world cup.

I think those players who started the first half of the game for Ghana needs to return home right after the match. They really played rubbish on the field. The second part of the game, with a new set of players introduced on the field, changed the game completely. Their energy to win the ball and to defend when was needed was a plus. One thing Otto Addo must maintain is the three back formation. I still have about 40% faith in the squad and I’m hoping the two months left with a couple of friendly matches at hand, we can correct our mistakes and be fully prepared for the big stage(World Cup).

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There is nothing we could do about Brazil. They are just too good. We are lucky to have conceded 3goals. It could have been worse.

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Not true bro. It was the begining of 2nd half that made them busy. Brazil dominated the game the entire time and our perfomace was poor. In the whole 90+3 minuted played, Ghana had 7 attempts on goal and only 1 shot on target. Were were just outclassed.

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Ei, 40% paaaa that’s a lot of faith o.

How many more friendlies to go?

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Black Stars were outclassed from the start of the match to the end which I can’t dispute but I was basically focusing on when we gained a little strength in the course of play. It did happened at early stages of the second half and how they were able to defend or prevent Brazil from scoring more goals during the second half. Let’s see how the remaining friendly matches will go.

I intentionally started with 100% which with the terrible defeat to Brazil decreased to 40%. This is how I calculate my faith in them. Now it’s left with Switzerland and Nicaragua friendlies before the start of the World Cup Tournament and when we lose any of those matches, the remaining 40% will vanish :joy::joy:. I hope you get it now?

We have two more games to go that’s, Switzerland and Nicaragua.

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Agreed! But wouldn’t you say it could be learning curve for the whole team… So as to come back stronger next competition???

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So how many decades does the Black Stars need to learn? Look at how teams like Brazil, Spain, Portugal, France are consistent, even with newer players, their performance is consistent, if France and Ghana meets, you already know who’ll win, if Germany and Ghana meets, you know who’ll win. We should be long past the “learning” phase kraaa, in my opinion.


It’s sad but that’s the hard truth many are shying away from which I know. Despite knowing this hard truth, I’ve given these current team a second chance of my support and I want to see them win once more. If things keeps repeating itself like what happened back in 2014 during the World Cup tournament in Brazil, then I have to forever say goodbye to the team called Black Stars.

True!!! I agree but if that’s going to happen the boys will have to play with their heart and not for any other reason than the love of football!! I watch a clip of Ghana Vs Czech recently and I was marvelled at how we were playing… This is 2006 I think. You could clearly see they loved what they were doing… Understood stood each other. Mind you this was the same team that failed to win CAN for several years, in fact they never won yet w loved them. So yeah, maybe the learning face is over but they ought to learn to love the game and play for COUNTRY!!

You know the trick here? The trick to getting players to play with passion, and with all their heart. Play with no pay. That way only players truly willing to die for the team will come. Can you imagine Ghana pays players waaay more than their European counterparts? We are the poorer nation but we pay players more than European players. Some developed countries don’t pay the players, it’s a privilege to get to be called to play for your nation… For me this is what I think will separate those who truly want to play and those who just want to play for cash. If we remove the cash, you’ll invite several, more hungry players willing to make it on the international scene, then you’ll get to see Ghana has players.

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One hundred percent agree!!! Facts. Germany players made so much less when they won the World Cup