Black stars turn 'beans' or there's hope?

Ghana black stars just played against south Africa and there was no single shot on target. South Africa on the other hand played like a team and won by a goal. Should our generation forget about a world cup or an African cup to be won by this crop of team ; or do you think we can do somthing?

We struggled to get a ‘mallam’ goal the other day with Ethiopia. There’s no synergy and telepathy within the team , you even feel it’s a national tem playing . The spirit and support for is in coma and CK Akonnor seem confused as the word confused.

Early days yet, ooh okay we wait to see. This is not the black stars I know though.


It depends on whether the coach is retained or not. He is very poor at his job. He only cares for points. So look at what has happened when the team went to meet a well organized team. The squad needs a coach from abroad

we have to top the group before we can make it to the world cup

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He’s indeed poor at his job and seam clueless but do we necessarily have to go for a foreign coach? There are equally good and excellent coaches in Ghana that can do the magic we expect from expatriate coaches.

Ghana is hungry for a world cup title, it’s been over 33 years since black stars ever won something oo.

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Hmmm , things are not looking good for us in that group looking at the teams left and other mathematics we have to do

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I don’t see that happening.

Kwesi Appiah is a fine coach. Why did they sack him?

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for their own greediness

For me personally, I don’t think we can expect anything from this current crop of players n de management, cos we don’t have a team, for Ghana, everything about us is awkward, our system is weak n has affected every part of the corner so I’m not surprised tho, we d not av a pattern for gruelling players n bringing them up through a channel to the Snr team, all they know is, de time come n they start to make calls, I stopped watching black stars after running away from school to watch our game against Portugal n seeing de shit the guys were doing, I saw to it that, Ghana, we’re not serious as a country, so I’m not sure, until they have a standardized system in place from de scratch, they can never n ever compete in any day.

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The way my father dislikes the two of them erh
Some massive changes should be made to the squad or better still, they should find positions they can play best and assign it to them

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Those dudes though, they think the team is their birth right and family Property.
Infact, I’m disappointed in the entire playing team to the management.

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@KING10 black stars is only a cash cow for some football people bro. Money money money, that’s all they know.

In all honesty, I don’t know why and how Jordan Ayew got into the Black Stars to start with. I could play better than him!

Influence, the father’s influence is what got them into the black stars, not because he Jordan Ayew is exceptional in playing. @siaw

Again , as to why Kwesi Appiah was sacked; he wasn’t the new Ghana FA’s favorite person so kurt okreku has to kick him out. This is how the system is .

All of this doesn’t make sense. So a good coach was let go because he wasn’t a single person’s favourite and the whole country has to pay for this?

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This what we are facing in Ghana. Getting employed isn’t done on merits but nepotism and favoritism. So the whole country is paying the price.

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Senior man @siaw, you have no idea the kind ‘mafia’ system the FA runs in this country. If you are not on good terms with the FA president, your team won’t be promoted to from division one to the premier league. If you are critical of the FA , your team is relagated from premier league to division one or less.

This system was a precedence set even from Kwesi Nyantakyi’s era. Selfishness, ego, corruption and poor management is what we are good at as at now.

It’s sad I may not ever witness a title won by Black stars in my days as youth.

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