Black Stars Head Coach CK Akonnor sacked


The Executive Council of the Ghana Football Association has taken a decision to terminate the appointment of Black Stars Coach Charles Akonnor and his two Assistants with immediate effect.

This follows the receipt of the Technical Report from the Head Coach of the Senior National Team and the report from the Black Stars Management Committee following Ghana’s Group G World Cup qualifying matches against Ethiopia and South Africa.

The Executive Council after considering the two reports have decided to terminate its relationship with Head Coach C.K. Akonnor and the two Assistants.

The Executive Council has formed a three (3) Member Committee made up of Vice President Mark Addo, Upper East Regional Football Association Chairman, Alhaji Salifu Zida and Dr. Randy Abbey to find a Head Coach and Assistant Coaches for the Black Stars within the next 72 hours.

The Association wishes C.K Akonnor and his Assistants the very best in their future endeavours.

Ghana currently has three (3) points after the two opening matches.

The Black Stars will take on Zimbabwe in the next round of games in October 2021.

Source: Ghana FA


:joy::joy::joy: what is the technical team waiting for . They should follow their boss oo

This was expected. We saw it coming. I believe their investigations and findings for which they are terminating their appointment is solid. If it turn out to be done without much scrutinization, the ramifications might be more catastrophic than we’ve witnessed.

This was long overdue, I’m not trying to discriminate here, but I always knew he wasn’t the right guy for the job, he’s not ready for this.The Ghana National team has so many people influencing it , it makes it really hard to select players. They tell who you to pick for the game, and where the player should play. I don’t blame him… We need a foreigner as a coach, they are immune to such interference.

So you mean a foreign coach cannot be controlled and directed?

I shock sef. Especially, that medical staff nu.

Not as much as a Ghana man … you take a moment and think about it…

The medical staff with bloated stomachs. What an irony. :joy: :joy:

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Nice one. I think a foreign coach is going to help the squad since Ghanaians suck at coaching. However, Kwesi Appiah could also do the job. I mean, we almost won an Afcon when he was the coach. So either him or a foreign coach.

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I beg I dey want laugh diss evening small wai. Make somebro drop that pic gv me make I laugh small

No matter what I still stand with my man, the Black Stars Medical Staff, he is a living legend :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: tnx bro . Am relieved right now. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

You’re welcome Bro :hugs:. I do watch this picture and laugh always :joy:

Now that you people have used your on him saa and he’s been sacked nu, bring your suggestions to whom we should employ to do the job. Mouth coaches all over Ghana. Ghana fuor kasa

The FA has to engage a local coach to to effectively man the black stars . These expatriate coaches only milk the country and FA dry with no good end results. Let’s also look beyond kwesi Appiah cos we tried him and he failed too. A new , energetic, vibrant coach with strategic ideas is what we need now.

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Like you wanted us to maintain him ? We can’t be paying someone to be giving us poor results always always. I can’t remember, since the appointment of CK Akornor , any emphatic win with the Black Stars.

That’s my problem with Ghanaians and believe in foreign things than our own. Foreign coaches can be equally incompetent as CK Akornor. Let’s nurture our young coaches to handle the national teams. The believe that white man will respected and feared by the team is a fallacy

What at all has the coach done? You have left the technical and management team free and punishing the coach you are supposed to nurture and groom to be a wold class coach. Ahh , Ghanaians !!!


You ankasa, you intentionally want to go up when everyone want to come down. Most Ghanaians are fed up already with clueless Black stars coach and he needs to go for a new one to come . He’s incompetent , that’s why he has been sacked. Finito