Black Sherif says ‘bye bye’ to poverty as he flaunts his newly acquired mansion and car on social media

Years after fighting poverty and hardship via his songs, Black Sherif has finally found his feet after releasing two dope hit songs in a row.
The ‘First and Second Sermon’ hitmaker was spotted in a video chilling and flexing inside his new house.

That wasn’t all, he also flaunted his newly acquired luxurious car.

Black Sherif now looks all fresh and shining, indicating that money isn’t his problem anymore

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Bro we need links to this post and if we can’t get some pictures as well . Thank You :pray:t5:

Chale I was expecting some pictures in this post. :smiley:

I actually like this young man’s hustle. However, I have a question about his ‘poverty’ situation - thought he says (Auntie Meri) his mum lives in Greece and a long time at that? Not claiming anything different but I doubt he is/was poor. He prolly created another persona - alias for his music. Either way, I wish him the best in his plans.