Black Sherif has made over 2 million streams in Boomplay with his single “Money”

Black Sherif hits 2 million streams with ‘Money’ on Boomplay while Second Sermon bags a 2 million views on yutube in lessthan a week

The song released about a year ago speaks about the hustle people go through in search of money.

His style of music seem to be resonating well with the youth and his latest single “Second Sermon” has gone viral

He appeared on Tv3 this morning with a placard which should be has made 2 million streams on Boomplay with his single dubbed Money

Black Sherif is out with thw latest single “Second Sermon” so far the video has made a million views in 5 days


Yiee, the guy just broke the record of stoneboy, sarkodie and shatta wale. The new generation is taking over in Grand style. Good to see this happening. The big artists think they will be on top forever. Nature doesn’t work like that

This boys new vibe to the scene is very addictive, the aggression to his songs makes them really catchy , his songs made me realize why I like shatta’s songs so much sekoff aggression in his voice we are tired of these old ways of singing we want loud