Black man is not capable of managing his own affairs; True/False?

Is black capable of managing his own economy, education, food security, technology, manufacturing industries, Sanitation, natural resources amongst others?

NB: this argument is only for Ghanaians living in Ghana so @siaw is out :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::grin::roll_eyes:

Evidence: the other day he said he lived in America, Autria e.t.c so I’m sure he’s a diasporian

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I know the motivation behind this post but see, everyone has an opinion here so he will by all means.

To Your question, your guess is as good as mine cos I no go gree . I believe in the philosophies of Nkrumah, Martin Luther King, Mandela, Bob Marley , and others who believe we can , with time, and rightful leadership.

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Man in general is not capable of managing their own affair. For blacks, the thing is that it is just worse here. People are greedy, selfish and corrupt. People are giving themselves hope that it will be well when they get a better leader. The thing is that, you may want to really change the country but once you step up to power, that mentality immediately changes. It is human nature

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Black man is very capable of managing his own affairs if and only if they stop being greedy and come to the realization that they need to serve their people and not their pocket

I wouldn’t go for true nor false. As @rkay said

Nonetheless, raising the level of living of each black person requires us to be productive rather than merely desirous.

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We’re too capable but our leaders are the people dragging us back

Of course we can, the real question is when, we take a step forward and two steps backwards, for centuries now. We definitely need foreign intervention to run as a country.

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I truly believe there are few people with a pure intentions of saving our country or even the continent , but these people have are concealed because you try to save the country and they kill you , because you will expose them