Bizarre : Meet the only man in history to have survived a firing squad with gun shot to his head

A terminating crew is ordinarily made out of a few military staff. Normally, all individuals from the gathering are told to shoot at the same time, hence forestalling both interruption of the cycle by a solitary part and recognizable proof of the part who discharged the deadly shot.

On March 18, 1915 Wenseslao Moguel was captured while fighting in the Mexican revolution. Without trial he was sentenced to be executed by firing squad. Moguel was shot 9 times including a final bullet through his head at close range by an officer to insure

Moguel somehow survived and managed to escape. Wenseslao went on to live a full life after his “execution”. The above photo shows Moguel in 1937 on the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not radio show pointing to his scar from the bullet that was shot at close range.

An indicted Mexican progressive by the name of Wenseslao Moguel was condemned by the Mexican specialists and neighborhood courts to death by terminating crew.

Moguel endure being shot multiple times and even a point clear tenth shot straightforwardly to the head, he at that point lay in anguish trusting that the discharging crew will leave before hauling himself and getting away.

He proceeded to carry on with a full life including an additional 60 years, and became unbelievable gratitude to Robert L. Ripley, author of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!. He showed up on his 1937 public broadcast and at the Cleveland, Ohio, odditorium.He was named El Fusilado — the executed one.

For the first time in history I heard a man survived firing squad. What kind of bullets were used? Lol. This are some of the wonders of the world. Some people are just “unkillable”.

In Ghana we will say he’s just another man from the southern wire of Ghana. I bet those who fired the guns were drunk or something… Cos this one in a million