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Big social media platforms content moderation “ problem”

We can have a conversation about what we like or dislike forever without actually solving anything.

But today’s social media platforms are a big problem, especially when it comes to what people can talk about and not. Is like this giant authoritarian regime that wants to oppress people.

For some no particular reason, Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and Google, which are the big platforms by the way, think certain existential ideas are acceptable and others not.

They ban certain comments, there are certain things you can’t do on these platforms. Is like they’ve some kind of agenda they want to impose on people

One can accept all of these restrictions. But we’ve to know there’s a problem … and looking to different sources might the only best solution to this problem

Oh how come I haven’t seen this! I don’t know much about this but I recently read somewhere on Twitter especially after Elon Musk purchase and it’s actually gonna become a thing… But a quick question, isn’t what they ban usually considered as “not good content”? A little insight can go a way.

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From his writeup, he wants people to behave in any kind of way on social media without restrictions, regardless of whether others are hurt/offended or not.

That’ll be so wrong. I mean, just like in real life, you can’t just do things anyhow and expect to go scot free. It doesn’t work that way! People have to be regulated especially on these plaforms. Perhaps this article on Netiquette will help

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I clearly remember Lebron James raised his concern about the use of N-word and racial slurs which happened to be on the rise over 500% after Elon Musk takeover. How are such things going to be regulated when the owner Elon Musk now has made it clear that, everybody has the right to say whatever they want without facing any restrictions. It’s totally wrong and as a matter of fact, it’s going to bring a whole lot of hatred amongst us instead of the socialization these social media platforms are meant for. Well, let’s observe what’s going to happen next and additions and minuses Elon Musk is going to put in place to keep the platform running.

That’s for the insight