Beware of men who wear kaftan, they are heart breakers - Relationship commentator warns ladies

A relationship commentator who goes by Esinam Batali, has cautioned ladies against dating men who usually prefer kaftans as their outfits for all occasions. The digital marketing strategist, who spoke on Joy FM’s Strong and Sassy show argues that men who often appear in neatly ironed ‘kaftan’ are notorious for breaking hearts.

“Those who come into your life to break your heart have this outward brand. Their starter pack includes a neatly ironed kaftan. You know, with the lines showing and clean. Usually in grey or wine. They also wear these cute slippers and sandals, and they are holding a small wallet and maybe iPhone X and above or Samsung Galaxy X20 and above is all part of the branding,” she told host Eyram Yehouessi.


There’s no scientific or social science that proves if a man wearing caftan cheat. Nowadays everyone gets up and make any statement and it becomes news.

We can’t for sure say a man who eats , wears or drink something is bad or good. Let’s stop all these stereotypical statement and constructions that will hunt us later

Hahaha. To some extent, I think she is right. Today’s men are appearing overly neat. Most of that is to attract the ladies since the ladies are saying they love men who dresses nice and smells good. What would you do if it’s you? In this hard economy where resources are very scarce, I don’t think the men have a lot of alternatives.

:joy: usually in grey and wine , oh my God, so we are suppose to be wearing a partly ironed shirt, untucked, somehow dirty kakraa with some old Motorola phone just to appear real, cos I honestly think the branding has its consequences would you rather be heartbroken by a branded boy or a somehow unbranded boy