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Best external hard drives of 2021

Top portable hard disks for your desktop or laptop

Samsung T7 Portable SSD

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You may not believe how crucial it is to invest in the best external hard drives you can find. Whether you probably have extremely important, and irreplaceable, files or large projects to keep safe, an external drive can easily back those up. That way, if your laptop, Chromebook, or PC kicks the bucket, you have those files safely tucked away on that drive.

There are some fantastic secure drives and portable SSD drives that add some extra security to your files, and have exceptionally fast read and write speeds. Still, the best external hard drives are more reasonably priced, which means you can spend on getting more storage space. And, they might be the perfect solution if you don’t need the fastest speeds or something that can survive getting knocked around in the bottom of a bag.

Because you can take the best external hard drives wherever you go, and can store a ton of data, these drives are perfect for backing up important files and taking them on the go. So, with Amazon Prime Day approaching, along with all the deals that brings, there’s never been a better time to check out the best external hard drives you can buy today.

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The best external hard drive: How we choose them

The biggest deciding factors when it comes to data transfer rates are the connection the drive uses, and whether it is a standard hard drive or a solid state drive (SSD). Many external hard drives utilize USB 3.0 connections. However, for faster speeds, you’ll want USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 or 4 connections. You’ll also need to ensure your PC or laptop also has a compatible port.

You’ll also need to think about how much storage space you need. The best external hard drives offer a range of storage space. We’d recommend 1TB to start, as that gives you plenty of space to store your files without costing too much money. That’s certainly good enough for most users.

However, if you’re dealing with large files – such as high-resolution photos and videos – in your typical workload, you should consider buying one with a bigger storage space. Luckily, many external hard drives offer terabytes (TB) of storage space for not much more money.

When buying the best external hard drive for your needs, you need to make sure you get a device that can safely and securely store your important files. Reliability is of the utmost importance here, as you do not want to buy an external hard drive that fails on you - making you lose all your important backups.

The best external hard drives will also be quick - either because they use SSD (Solid State Drive) technology, or because they use the latest connectivity technology, such as USB-C.

Buying the best external hard drive for your needs involves figuring out how much space you need. You don’t want to buy an external hard drive that’s too small, end up running out of space and buying another one. However, you also don’t want to pay over the odds for storage space you’ll never need.

In addition, the best external hard drives must also be dependable and rugged, so you can safely store your data without worry. The best external drives must also be light enough to carry in your bag, with large capacities so that you can keep your data safe when traveling.

The Buffalo’s MiniStation Extreme NFC is great for budget consumers.

1. Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC external hard drive

Wireless security


Capacity: 2TB

Interface: USB 3.0

Reasons to buy

+NFC security+Rugged design

Reasons to avoid

-Not the fastest drive

If you’re looking for the best external hard drive that will save you a ton of cash, Buffalo’s MiniStation Extreme NFC could be your match made in heaven.

With compatibility for both Mac and Windows machines, the Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC is very flexible, and comes with a rugged case that’s dust and water resistant, along with a built-in USB 3.0 cable.

Not only is your data kept protected from knocks and drops with the rugged shell, but it’s also got 256-bit AES security features and NFC (Near Field Communication) features as well.

Essentially it allows you to unlock the drive to get to your files quickly and easily by tapping the supplied NFC card onto the drive’s body. Pretty neat!

  • Read our full Buffalo MiniStation Extreme review.
  • This product is only available in the US at the time of this writing. UK and Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro:

The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is among the best external hard drives out there. (Image credit: Western Digital)

2. Western-Digital My Passport Ultra 4TB external hard drive

External hard drive with encryption and a long warranty


Capacity: 4TB

Interface: USB 3.0

Reasons to buy

+Large capacity+Type-C connector+Suite of applications

Reasons to avoid

-Average performance

The latest generation of the Western Digital My Passport Ultra range of external hard drives is here, coming in sizes from 1TB to 4TB, and they’re among the best external hard drives out there.

It features cloud storage and 256-AES encryption, along with WD’s own software suite. It is a good performer when it comes to data transfer speeds but doesn’t come near the top of the leaderboard.

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t reach the top speeds of solid state external drives, but for external hard drives based on traditional HDDs, this is the drive to consider.

The WD My Book Duo is a huge capacity external hard drive.

3. WD My Book Duo 4TB external hard drive

The most space you can get


Capacity: 4TB

Interface: USB 3.0 x 2

Reasons to buy

+Huge amounts of space+RAID support

Reasons to avoid

-Expensive-Need two USB 3.0 ports free

If you’re looking for the absolute largest capacity external hard drive, then the WD My Book Duo 4TB is the one to get, offering a sizeable 4TB (you can also get versions with up to 20TB) of storage space over two hard drives.

You might sacrifice some of the ample storage space, if you don’t mind losing some, so you can set the drives up in a RAID array, so you have file backups of your files should one of the drives die.

This USB 3.0 drive has many of the features of a fully-fledged NAS device (including a high price), and if you have a router with a USB 3.0 port you could use this as a network attached storage device in its own right.

The device, which comes with two-year warranty, has 256-bit AES hardware encryption, and automatic backup software (WD SmartWare Pro).

Worth noting that the enclosure used is fully serviceable and that WD ships the drive already pre-formatted for Windows users (NTFS).

The Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive combines speed and capacity. (Image credit: Seagate)

4. Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive 5TB

Best performance


Capacity: 5TB

Interface: USB 3.0

Reasons to buy

+Very fast data transfer speeds+Reliable

Reasons to avoid

-You pay more for the Mac-formatted version

If you want to combine speed and capacity, then the Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive 5TB is definitely worth considering. It comes in a range of sizes up to 8TB and it beats the competition when it comes to read and write speeds as well.

On top of this storage and speed, you get a decent amount of peace of mind thanks to Seagate’s lower than average failure rates, especially in bigger capacity hard drives.

You also get backup software, and the drive is compatible with both Windows and Macs, though it’s formatted for Windows out of the box unless you go for a Mac-specific hard drive - though these are more expensive.

The Sandisk Professional G-Drive offers SSD speeds and rugged design protection.

5. Sandisk Professional G-Drive rugged external SSD

Best for outdoor professionals


Capacity: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB

Interface: USB Type-C

Reasons to buy

+Extremely durable+Fast transfer speeds

Reasons to avoid

-Expensive-No protective flap for the USB-C port

Outdoor professionals that need to be able to edit and save 4K footage and raw photos wherever they are will appreciate Sandisk Professional’s G-Drive rugged portable SSD.

In addition to ultra-rugged durability with IP67 water and dust resistance, 3-meter drop protection and 2000lb crush resistance, this portable drive offers pro-grade performance and transfer speeds up to 1050MB/s.

As the Sandisk Professional G-Drive is available in capacities all the way up to 2TB, you can bring your media library with you at all times knowing that it will be safe from drops, spills and other environmental hazards.

The Adata SD700 is great for those looking for a rugged external drive. (Image credit: Adata)

6. Adata SD700 External SSD

A terabyte in the palm of your hand


Capacity: 256GB, 512GB or 1TB

Interface: USB 3.0

Reasons to buy

+Great performance+IP68 rating

Reasons to avoid

-No USB Type-C

The Adata SD700 will suit those looking for a rugged storage device that can provide ample capacity without costing too much. It performs incredibly well and remains the only SSD we’ve seen that is IP68 rated.

Thanks to the solid state drive that resides in this external hard drive, it’s a lot faster than external drives that use traditional spinning hard drives, which means that you’re getting great transfer speeds as well as rugged protection.

It also comes in capacities up to 1TB, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on storage space just because it uses an SSD - this drive really does hit all the right notes.

There’s a more premium feel to the My Passport Wireless Pro. (Image credit: Western Digital)

7. Western-Digital My Passport Wireless Pro external hard drive

Wireless wonder


Capacity: 2TB

Interface: USB 3.0 and Wi-Fi

Reasons to buy

+Wireless AC+USB 3.0 support+Good battery life

Reasons to avoid

-No USB-C-Expensive due to Wi-Fi features

Even if we had mixed feelings on past versions of the My Passport Wireless, the 2016 “pro” variant of the external HDD restores faith in the Western Digital name. The design, for one, has been overhauled and no longer resembles the My Passport Ultra or My Passport for Mac. Instead, there’s now a more premium feel to the My Passport Wireless Pro. It resembles an external DVD drive, but considering the onboard SD card slot, don’t worry about getting it confused with anything else. For photographers, this will make the Wireless Pro stand out.

For everyone else, there’s a massive 6,400mAh battery built into the device. This lets the drive be used completely free of wires over 2.4GHz or 5GHz channels. When it’s wired up, however, don’t expect cutting edge connection tech, as the My Passport Wireless Pro uses only USB Type-B to Type-A. Completely absent is the latest and greatest USB-C connection.

Where the My Passport Wireless Pro compromises on affordability, it’s able to benefit in just about every other area. Of course, not everyone needs a wireless hard drive or SD card support, but for those who do, it’s almost essential.

(Image credit: LaCie)

8. LaCie Rugged USB-C 4TB External Hard Drive

The rugged champion


Capacity: 4TB

Interface: USB-C

Reasons to buy

+Rugged build+Affordable price

Reasons to avoid

-Orange color isn’t for everyone

LaCie’s rugged external hard drives are a favorite among content creators who are always out on the field. It’s drop, shock, dust, and rain-resistant, making it ideal for surviving the elements when you’re out in nature.

It comes in different types and connectivity as well, with the Thunderbolt/USB-C option being ideal for MacBook and Dell XPS users, and the RAID option being perfect for creative professionals.

Because it comes with up to 8TB, you can also pick and choose depending on your storage needs.

The iStorage diskAshur 2TB offer tight security like no other drives around. (Image credit: iStorage)

9. iStorage diskAshur 2TB external hard drive

Best for security


Capacity: 2TB

Interface: USB 3.0

Reasons to buy

+Physical security+Rugged design

Reasons to avoid


Typically, iStorage hard disks cater best to governments and multinational organizations around the world, for good reason too – they offer tight security like no other drives around.

If someone tries to tamper with your iStorage drive, you can configure it to self-destruct. What’s more, the data is encrypted by the 256-bit AES protocol, with multiple forms of protection in place to ensure the bad guys don’t get in no matter how persistent. When you consider all that extra security, the prices won’t scare you away either.

Sure, it’s still expensive, four times the price of an equivalent 2TB drive, and unlikely to be the most nimble performer. But, you’re paying for a product that’s virtually uncrackable. Bear in mind, though, you’ll get no help from the manufacturer if things go awry and you lose your password.

The Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt is great for a device with a Thunderbolt port.

10. Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt external hard drive

Best Thunderbolt external hard drive


Capacity: 1TB, 2TB

Interface: Thunderbolt, USB 3.0

Reasons to buy

+Low price compared to other Thunderbolt drives+Mac-formatted

Reasons to avoid

-Not SSD

If you have a device with a Thunderbolt port, then this is a great option, as it provides twice the speeds of standard USB 3.0 drives. It’s also not especially expensive compared to other Thunderbolt drives. The price is kept down due to its use of a traditional hard drive, rather than an SSD, which limits the potential speeds. It also comes with a USB 3.0 port for people without access to Thunderbolt.

These are the external hard drives and SSD that we have reviewed recently

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