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Behind the Scene pictures of Hollywood Movies. See how they are made

Same here.

I don’t know when they’ll improve. How much time do they need? I don’t see any progress so I just stopped patronising. If they are progressing (which I doubt because i know how these looked 20 years ago and how they look now) it might be worth supporting, I’d rather channel the support elsewhere.

:rofl: you’re just spewing my thoughts.

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Yep. And looking at how these kumawood fight on TVs, I think there’s more to their stagnation than what they say. Not that it’s my problem. They should be there. I have my anime to keep me company. :sweat_smile:

If kumawood gets to this :point_down: level, I’ll gladly watch. Who am I kidding? This will never happen :laughing:

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I see it as a funding issue. The intent is there however. These hollywood movies are heavily funded and we talking millions. Ghanaian movie producers know that if they invest a lot into all these movies, they’ll not make any profit. Thus, quality and care stays to the very minimum.

It’s up to the government to back and invest in the movie industry. It will generate interest and with that we’ll begin to see a faster progression and quality will increase.

For example, see this scene below from two fellow Ghanaians. I’m not saying this is the best action scene ever lol but this was probably filmed with a normal camera and edited at home on the same day. So imagine if these guys had funding and proper equipment and all. The desire is there and it’s up to the government because right now no producer wants to risk.


Hm. I’m not sure there’s any government in world that invests in any movie industry. This one will be hard. Free education kraa we can’t support.

I enjoyed it. You can see the desire and talent is there. Only thing I don’t like is the lack of innovation. They could be a bit more original, like instead of Spider Man, use Kwaku Ananse, and replace Jax with someone else maybe.

But to by honest Spider Man is good with his moves. :rofl:


At least, these guys are watchable. And frankly, I enjoy watching them.

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