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Behind the Scene pictures of Hollywood Movies. See how they are made

Movies has been one aspect of entertainment that we can’t take away from our daily lives, being it animation or live action. The leading movie industry in the world, is the Hollywood movies. They have been able to influence countries with their movies and have created screen super hero’s out of their films. Some of the actions in these movies looks real and people begin to wonder how do these film makers achieve such results.

The Hollywood Movie industry invest a lot in their film productions hence making them achieve every single idea the director thinks of. The have institutions that train film makers, Animators, VFX effect , make ups and the rest. They have merged technology with film making which makes it very easy for them to get such effects. Let’s check out pictures of some films and how they were able to get it done.

The Technology of green and blue screen has been in existence for decades and it’s still useful. They help change the background of the subjects in front of them and replaced with preferred backgrounds.

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We’ve always known there were some bit of ‘words’ behind the Hollywood industry but thus is just amazing especially as the effects/editing look ‘realistif’ a bit. Compare this to Bollywood (Hindi/Indian movies) and you’ll go mad :joy::joy:; we have people beating and killing people with banana :banana:. How :joy::joy::joy:

I’ve stopped following some of this “behind the scenes”. If not I’ll never enjoy this movies. Hahaha.

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Now let’s see what our brothers in Kumawood are doing he?

Right here :sunglasses:


We’re not original one sef! :rofl:
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Yh they are very creative and smart in their movie production. I really love their achievement


They are also putting in much effort😍


What else can we say? :grinning:

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We try charley, we’re just not there yet :joy::joy:

They actually budgeting millions on a movie. It has to come out right.

We’ll never be there. Forget.

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A whole movie in Hollywood takes about a year or 2 to finish, the kind of effort put in every scene makes it impeccable, flawless.But when it comes to our movie industry movies are shot in 2weeks tops. Editing is done in a haste, the end product is always basaa.

I know but we’ve come a long way. First we were using knockout as sound effects for gun shots. Now we’ve improved somehow.

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Is this thing real sef? looks like @kwabena did the poster thing himself oo…hehe

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Nahh wouldn’t waste my time like that. Just search the title and you’ll see :rofl:

So it means you watch these things, because if you don’t, then how do you know the title? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Of course. Gotta support our own till we make it. :ghana:


I like the mindset though. :fist:t5:

Even though I totally commend you for that, I honestly can’t bring myself to watch such movies. If they ever try to really improve, I’ll do my best to support them.

Let me give you an example. I have three guys who are into 3D animations, cinematography, and all those camera stuff. Every time they see such movies, it’s like they want to cry.

Even though they understand why they make such movies, they also say they can do better than what they’re producing, even if you don’t have powerful cameras. Why do I have to watch a scene of a car going in reverse… like why? it adds nothing to the story. :joy:

Honestly, the only people I love their work are the Ghanaian spiderman guy and Jax. Their action scenes are good. It’s far better than what I’ve seen in Kumawood…lol

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