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Bayern Munich trashed RB Salzburg tonight @Allianz Arena

Where the boys at? @BigBoss @Danny @Syrupkuv @siaw

Lewandowski nailed a hat-trick. Who else is doubting our readiness to win UCL? Hehehe

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Bayern Munich need to be sanctioned alongside Russia and Belarus. You all are heartless and a treat to humanity. In fact I must write to FIFA to ban you guys in all competitions. :joy::joy:

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Bayern hates nonsense :joy::joy:

Yes I saw it in the news, Lewa just tripping easily to get penalties, I knew by then you were smiling. :smiley:


Yeah Bayern did well. But u are not ready :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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I’m still challenging you that Bayern can’t win the champions league bro :sunglasses:

But we can at least beat Chelsea back to back :joy::joy:

I was more than happy. I had a great night not only because he scored three goals but he’s the UCL top goal scorer so far.

Of course, especially now that Abramovich is leaving. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re calling for a war that you can’t win :joy::joy:

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@Danny don’t have that kind heart :joy::joy::joy: but frankly speaking we go score Bayern and the least is draw

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We will beat them left, right and center if we meet. We will make them look like their sworn brothers Black Stars and Manchester United when the time comes :joy::joy:

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This is what Bayern hates

Look at this from Salzburg striker and he was punished dearly

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@Syrupkuv and I right now :grimacing::flushed:
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It’s only salzburg
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Herh bro @Danny yesterday Benzema amazed me with his hat-trick under 17mins but still Chelsea we will score the 2 teams all

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Honestly, I like the kind of vim you have in your club but it can be misleading :joy::joy:

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Benzema keeps improving each and everyday. He’s one of the elite strikers of the 21st century. Now we beating Real Madrid is the cheapest thing and for Bayern Munich, only John Bortey can save them :joy:

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Boys kasa eiii :joy::joy::joy: