'Ayisha Modi lives in hen coop, she's very filthy' - Afia Schwarzenegger drops keys

Ayisha Modi has been beefing almost everyone around Mosha Boduong following her repentance and change of behaviour.

She started with Moesha’s pastor, Gabby Ibe, accusing him of coaxing the actress into selling her properties to his church after repentance. She took the fight to model Victoria Michaels for having a hand in Moesha’s predicament.

She later turned the heat on Afia Schwarzenegger, but the response she got from Afia is nasty and dirty.

Afia Schwarzenegger, who is currently outside the country for vacation, went live on Facebook a few hours ago to address Ayisha Modi’s allegations.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, Ayisha Modi hasn’t done anything for Moesha Boduong since her issue became public.

She said Ayisha lives in a hen coop and that when she visited her on her birthday, her room was messy, adding that she was smelling weed.

Afia went on to accuse Ayisha of being a lesbian to make ends meet.

She also said that Abass Sariki hasn’t married Ayisha as she claims and that Sariki was absent at the birthday party Ayisha organised for his own son.

On Ayisha’s allegations that she gave Afia Schwarzenegger an iPhone and gifted her daughter GHC2,000 on her birthday, Afia admitted to receiving those gifts but gave them out as gifts.

She said she knew this day would come, hence the reason why she didn’t use the gifts Ayisha gave her.

Finally, Afia claimed that Ayisha is still owing a land she bought from an estate developer.

Aah, hen coop as in hen coop? So where is Afia swhar herself living? Who cares about where someone lives so long as they are working hard to make a living.

I know Ayisha modi leaves in east Legon, her pastory bought her land and house over there. Afia is simply pained and bitter.