AU suspends Guinea after coup

The African Union has suspended Guinea in the wake of Sunday’s coup, a tweet from the AU’s Political Affairs Peace and Security department says.

President Alpha Condé was overthrown by a group of soldiers led by Col Mamady Doumbouya.

The coup has been condemned by regional leaders as well as the African Union, UN secretary general and the US.

The regional body Ecowas suspended Guinea on Wednesday and regional ministers have arrived in Conakry to talk to the junta about a return to constitutional order.

But the military leaders have been met by jubilant crowds on the streets of the capital, Conakry.

Many expressed dissatisfaction with President Condé, serving his third term, and the corruption and economic mismanagement of the country.

Source: bbc

Just to quote something I found on Social Media, “where were ECOWAS and AU when Alpha Conde was amending the constitution”. I don’t subscribe to the military coup but given the state of the country and the joy citizens had when they realised there’s been a coup, I think there’s some form of freedom for Guineans. AU/ECOWAS should rather come up with ways to resolve this and restore the country back to constitutional/civilian/democratic governance. Suspending them may yield little or nothing


Both AU and ECOWAS are a bunch of old men who are incapable of doing anything reasonable to help the African continent. After banning Guinea, what next? What humanitarian role are they playing in these unstable countries.?


The military are coming for them :joy::joy::joy:

The fact that people were celebrating in the streets after the coup, is enough to tell you the whole story.

Where was the African Union/ ECOWAS when Alpha Conde was wrongfully changing the constitution to stay in power more years than allowed? lol

Both of these organisations are useless and just there for decoration.

P.S Not condoing military coups but the Guinean military did the right thing and whoever is going to step in next, will think twice about amending the constitution to rule more years than allowed.

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