Asiedu Nketia’s damning revelation about Koku Anyidoho’s relationship with Atta Mills

“Prof. Atta Mills had his own problems with the retention of Koku Anyidoho even in his office,” he told Accra-based Kasapa FM.

According to him, the NDC member, who was expelled from the party days ago, is only appropriating the legacies of late Atta Mills for his personal interest.

“Koku Anyidoho is not special to Atta Mills in any way to the extent that we’ve given him the opportunity to appropriate his legacies to appear that he has some special relationship or ties with Prof. Mills.

“Some of us were closer to Atta Mills than Koku Anyidoho, but we don’t take advantage of our closeness with the big people and brag about it. So let it be said and known that Koku Anyidoho doesn’t have any exclusive entitlement to Atta Mills’ legacies because they were close or something,” he stressed.

Source: adomonline:com

So is it wrong for him close or not close to the Former president keep his legacy. Being entitled or not, it isn’t wrong for him at all to pursue appropriate the legacy of the late president even if it’s for personal gains

Asiedu is right. Opana messed up. When u belong to a party, you are entangled to the rules and regulations on which that party has been built.
This is not the time to come out and tell the public how close he was with the late former president. Is total rubbish…

And why must he do that by maligning some key members of the party? You know, you don’t wash your dirty linen outside still holds. If several attempts to get them to do what he wanted proved negative, he should have just stop talking about it. Too much bickering just created a problem for him.

Informations dey world oo​:grinning::grinning:

Aseidu Nketia is blowing the whistle on Koku and if Care is not taken, NDC party will explode with more secrets from the past. We all know Koku Anyidoho is only parading himself as a close ally to late Atta Mills for his own glory and interest. Go to Atta Mills Institute and see, Koku is not adding any value to the institute