Are you a Developer/Programmer?

Hello everyone,
As a community, I think it is proper that we know what one another is involved in and what we’re all doing so that we can support and encourage one another by providing feedback, etc to our projects. As a matter of that, if you are a developer and have a GitHub (or any other Version Control System account), please provide a link in the thread; we’ll love to see what you are doing. If you are a UI/UX designer too, kindly show us some of your work/provide a link to your portfolio; we’d love to see your works too.

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Here’s mine:

Nice one at @danielamissah . Keep the good work. I’m an upcoming developer and I’m yet to push codes to my github ripo


No problem at all @racheampong , I am just like you. Most of the code you see there are things I built following a tutorial. Others are just forks from other people’s profile to guide me. We will get there :+1:t5: :+1:t5:

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I really have to learn programming but I have no guardian

The internet can be your guardian if you know how to go about it. Start by asking google simple questions about how you can be a programmer or a developer. Many results will be provided. Take your time and read through them and you’ll find a website that will best suit your programming needs.

You can also search for ‘how to become a programmer’ on YouTube and you’ll be sorted out with great videos that’ll direct you.

This is what I did when I first started. You’ll progress gradually from here.

If you need any more assistance, at omanbaforum, we will always help out. @Ward

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@Ward, @Emp_Sel has said it all. There are tons of resources available online. You can use Freecodecamp which has a variety of resources that can help you.
All the best man

yh yh that’s true but there is more to do this. Sometimes the information you’d find or come across might put you in a state of confusion. You’d probably find yourself doing so many things at one point in time.
Please consider what you wanna achieve with this programming. There are so many careers in the field of programming.
Here you go, I hope this helps you out as you embark on the journey of programming

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Excellent read. :fire::fire::+1::+1:

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