Apple releases iOS 14.7. Here's what to know about the iPhone update

iPhone bug fixes and new features are here with the iOS 14.7 upgrade.

Apple’s iOS 14.7 was released on Monday. It’s a relatively small update compared with April’s iOS 14.5, which included the ability to unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask, to stop apps from tracking you for advertising purposes and to choose from four Siri voices. Still, Apple iOS 14.7 brings multiple new and useful features, like MagSafe battery pack support for the iPhone 12, and managing timers on your HomePod.

Here’s what you need to know about iOS 14.7.

Since Apple released iOS 14.7 to the public, you should get a prompt telling you that iOS 14.7 is now available and asking if you’d like to download it. Or you can do the following:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Select General.

3. Tap Software Update.

Your device will connect to Apple’s servers and prompt you to download and install the update. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. When your device reboots, it will be running iOS 14.7.

New features included in iOS 14.7

The latest operating software update appears to be smaller, and focused on under-the-hood changes. Here are some of the features included in the final beta version.

MagSafe battery pack support for iPhone 12

If you have an iPhone 12 (any model), iOS 14.7 will allow for MagSafe battery pack support, so you can buy a $99 MagSafe battery pack that will magnetically attach to your phone and charge it on the go.

Set timers on your HomePod using the Home app

While you’ve been able to set timers on HomePod for a while, you previously needed to do this using Siri. In iOS 14.7, you can set a timer for your HomePod through the Home app without having to ask Siri, as 9to5Mac found in the developer beta code. The new option is located below HomePod alarms.

Weather app air quality feature expanding to more countries

iOS 14 added the ability to see air quality measures in the Weather app, but only in a few regions. In the iOS 14.7 developer beta, this feature appears to be expanded to more countries, 9to5Mac spotted.

Changes to your Podcasts library

Your Podcasts library will allow you to choose to see all shows, or only the shows that you follow.

Apple Card Family

If you use the Apple Card, iOS 14.7 offers the option to combine credit limits and share one co-owned account with an existing ‌‌Apple Card‌‌ user.

Battery drain bug fix

Several people have reported an issue with their iPhone battery draining quickly since updating to iOS 14.6. It’s unclear whether Apple is addressing this issue in iOS 14.7, but the release notes say that a battery service message that might’ve disappeared after reboot on some iPhone 11 models has been restored.


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