Anyone using OF Dark Theme?

There’s work to be done on the OF dark colour scheme.

Is anyone using the dark colour scheme on OF? Not sure if we should continue working or it or pause it for the time being because there’s a lot of work to do.

I am using it, love dark themes

Good I asked. I almost removed it. OK. I’ll leave it for you and finish work on it later.

:heart: :ghana:

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xiexie, danke, mi dasi, na god3

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Please am also using it

I am also using it oo. Some of us, if we see light or aything white p3 norrr, then yawa

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I use it from time to time too :wink:

why is there something wrong with using the dark theme?

It’s not complete. Needs some work.

okay i haven’t tried using it yet

i am using the dark theme

Looks like there are more people on the dark theme than I had imagined. Thanks for letting me know. :pray:t5:

Why is it that most programmers love to you use the dark theme for most IDEs? @siaw @danielamissah

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It’s easy on the eyes if you have to spend long hours, everyday programming. It also saves battery power/life. :sun_with_face::sunglasses:


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@Emp_Sel , like @siaw said, it is easy on the eye and for me, it is because I am photophobic. I see anything light or white p3, there my eyes get teary and all. Most of my apps on my phones and Pc run on dark mode including Word, VSCode, Chrome, etc

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