Any Teacher Who Doesn't Want The One Teacher One Laptop Should Go And Buy His Own

The ministry of education under Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh introduced the one teacher one laptop initiative in 2020. Under this initiative the Government intended to provide each teacher at pre tertiary level a laptop at a reduced price. According to the ministery the specified laptop cost GHC 1800.00 in open market. The Government agreed to absorb 70% of the cost while the teacher pays just 30%.

The vice president Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia launched the initiative with the current minister for Education, Dr. Yaw Adutwum this year. So far a good number of the 350,000 membership from the three teacher unions have received their laptops.

But some teachers have been complaining bitterly about the quality of the machines given to them. According to some of the teachers, the laptops have very low speed and memory. They argue that the machines cannot serve the purpose of which they were bought.

On New Day show on TV 3 this morning, a deputy communications director to the ruling party, Mr. Richard Nyamah told those teachers to go an buy their own laptops if they do not want the one Government is giving to them. He was responding to teacher who complained about the poor quality of the machines when he made that statement.

“Any teacher who doesn’t want the laptops can go and buy his own. Johnnie, where on earth will you get a laptop for GHC 1800?. But the government has provided this for you at GHC 500 and all you can do is complain”, the national youth organiser hopeful told the host.

But Hon. Alhassan Suhiyini who was a co penalist rebuked him for showing arrogance.

According to the NDC legistor, he had prayed to God to remind him always to be humble no matter how far he goes in life. He told his brother that the statement was not in good taste hence he should withdraw. But the NPP communicator refused insisting that he still stand by his words.

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The name of the Laptop speaks a lot about it. TMI laptop assembled in Ghana lol. I’m not against the fact that, it’s made here but the cost which is Ghc1800 is no joke and it’s performs so badly too.

They’ve started this their foolish speech. The teachers were deceived at first place and also, many were deducted without their concerns for such a bomb laptop. Instead of you to come out to say something sensible to them, you’re there proving your stupidity.

You beat me to it. Absolute rubbish talk!!

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Why the fuck our leaders so stupid and senseless. When you are an employer, you provide the employee with what they need to be able to get the job done.


These our politicians should be very careful how they are treating us. Why don’t they try this madness on the Military?

Absolutely and even if you want to introduce them into such an initiative, you don’t have to involve every teacher. The reason is, I’ve seen teachers with at least one or two laptops on their own they are working with and you can imagine the pain of such a teacher being deducted to buy him/her additional laptop which he/she has not budgeted for.

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Our leaders don’t think of how the government will pay for a project or initiative before they introduced them. Tribornkorsu fuor.

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This word killed me :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:. If you follow our leaders, the kind of words you’ll use on them would turn out to be too harsh but they deserve more than those words. I don’t know whether they got their foolishness and stupidity from the market or they’re naturally born with it.

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Greed my and laziness my brother.

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I wanted to go to teacher’s training college but looking at how we treat the profession in Ghana, i don’t want to regret so I changed my mind.
This laptop brouhaha tells us teachers themselves are not serious about their rights.

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Yeah our leaders think only of themselves. What they will get for themselves, family and friends as well as their future generations is all that they care about. How do they get this all, it’s through laziness wrapped with greediness and selfishness.

You were very lucky you thought of this before choosing your career path @Kwame_Kradi. A whole President made it clearer to teachers by letting them know that, “You can’t be a millionaire when you’re a teacher”. This implies that, the government will continue to treat teachers as thrash till they can’t stand on their feet anymore.

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