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Any connections or links?

Ok so I’m as much as we want the best for our country the same way we should want the best for each other!!! If anyone of u can connect someone to change the persons life or set someone up with something to help them earn something nice for a living pls do!!! If it’s invitation to abroad or anything pls let’s help each other!!! Don’t say u helped someone and the person was ungrateful or paid u back badly !! Remember all fingers are not the same , and our rewards are with God so let’s help ourselves!!! I’m not talking for myself alone ooo but I know there are people out there that needs help to get out to Ghana or even start something for a living even me I want to leave South Africa. :joy: Anyway that’s just by the way!!! But pls let’s help and God will surely come thru for us!! God bless us all!!! Peace :heart:

@Russo it’s being a while. You really interested in living the country?

OK @Russo wait, you live in South Africa, isn’t that place better than Ghana? If you leave SA, where would you want to go?

Eiiii bro the infrastructure and maybe the system is good but not good for the foreigners!!! Bro My target is Canada Usa or Europe oooo!!! But the way Ghanaians complain about leaders and all that the same way South Africans also do!!! This year alone fuel prices have been increased like 7x so I also shake my head when I hear Ghanaians shouting about things happening in Ghana!!! See the truth is the entire world is facing big crisis but lots of people in Ghana won’t understand even if u sit them down and explain to them but I don’t blame them!!! How can u explain this to a market woman when she’s always sitting in the hot sun waiting for someone to come patronise her things!!! We have to be a bit calm !!! That’s only if I know what’s going on in the world!! SA there’s no company jobs for outsiders like USA Canada and or Europe ooo so if u come without any handy work then u will go thru fire!!!

Most definitely!! U get Canadian visa USA or Ireland visa or invitation for me :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I make wild oooo Germany sef cool waaa :joy::joy::joy::blush:

Okay cool. If you stay around OF for while, we might just drop something. It’s not a promise though but just be active and we’ll see. :smiley:

Ayt that’s cool
I’m here for frfr

:v: and don’t hesitate tell friends about omanba forum.

I always do that!! Keeping the movement alive

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BTW talking of links, I think a lot of Ghanaians will be happy to be in South Africa unless the situation there is truly bad, even Kenya would be good for a lot of Ghanaians. You really don’t like it in SA?

It’s ok but they really don’t like foreigners here and situations are getting bad but sometimes get calm!!! And if something is going on u will be safe depending on where u reside!!! And to survive here u must get your handy work!! Coz almost 98% of the Ghanaians here do salon :haircut_man: jobs!! But should anyone have interest in coming to SA to work in a salon I won’t mind giving them the blueprints!!! From passport visa and tickets my brother in Ghana can help!!! ONLY IF U ARE SERIOUS AND HAVE MONEY THO

Ok so it doesn’t sound as hard as I had imagined if you know how to work with your hands, but if they can work with their hands in SA why can’t the same Ghanaians works with their hands in Ghana? :thinking:

The system bro!!! Imagine doing your own things whilst the lazy indigenes cry that foreigners are taking their jobs and sometimes starts killing and beating people for no reason!! Imagine using your own money to set up your business but someone sitting somewhere says u taking his or her job!!! U employ them too they get so drunk in weekends and fail to come to work and all that!!! It’s only SA that when u want to seek asylum is a problem!! U have to pay money to seek asylum even with that something u won’t get the Asylum paper !! SA is beautiful place nice infrastructures and all that but it’s also a concrete jungle

I feel you, but this thing that citizens say foreigners are taking their jobs is not only in SA. It’s usually the extremists and nationalist that feel and think this way. If you pay your taxes, you should have no regrets.

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Remember u can’t set up a growing business without payment tax!! Obviously the government eyes will be on u if the business is growing so u will most definitely pay taxes