Angry students burn down school as principal fails to register them for WAEC exam [Photos]

Some angry students have burnt down a whole school over the failure of the Principal to register them for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) examination.

The students were said to have carried out the action in protest against the failure of the school to register them for the 2020/2021 WAEC examinations.

Consequently, the Executive Secretary, Benue State Teaching Service Board, Dr Frank Kyungun, has ordered the immediate suspension of the school principal, Aliba Stephen for financial misconduct.

The Executive Secretary, who announced this during his visit to the school, named Iorja Agber Joseph as a replacement.

The Executive Secretary frowned at the level of destruction carried out by the aggrieved students and said the traditional rulers, community leaders and the Management of the school must be blamed for their inability to protect facilities provided by the government.

He urged Principals of schools to allow school bursars to take charge of monies while they (Principals) only give approvals.


Hmmmmm dis this one dierrr as3m Abaa . Herhh

That’s exactly what wl happen erh aba Ghana :ghana: :rage::x:

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This particular thread or post by me is not a story from Ghana. It happened in Nigeria, if you read it, you will see it. Benue state is not in Ghana .

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