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Angelal Merkel: True leaders lead, not take showers in the sky

They don’t have side chicks, they the truly care.

She is Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, currently the world’s most respected leader, a physics and chemical scientist turned politician (she speaks German, English and Russian perfectly).
She leads the strongest economy in the European Union and the most important in the world, which exports more than 1.550 billion dollars annually.
However, she receives no free state service, no housing, no electricity, no gas, no entertainment expenses, no personal chef, no water, no free phone from the Federal Republic of Germany budget, and lives her life humbly like any other German citizen.
She does her own shopping (in the photo, in a Berlin Supermarket), carries her own shopping bags, pays for her purchases and if she receives a parking ticket, she pays out of her own pocket.
A reporter recently asked her, "Do you remember I’ve taken a photo of you in this same dress ten years ago?
She told him: “My mission is to serve my fellow Germans, not to be a model.”

Copied from LinkedIn

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Tears in my eyes after reading this. I’m humbled

Powerful massage

Sometimes I’m Tempted to believe whites people are different than everyone else. But there’s no prove to support that

People who come from poor background, treat money differently than those who for whatever reason were born into one. That can have a powerful effect on how people behaves when giving power

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They’ve created a sustainable system.

That’s how politicians in African countries should be. They are doing normal work! Why the hell should they have extra stuff for free? It makes NOOOOOOO SENSE. They get paid salaray like other workers, why should a president have free fuel, free accommodation? I can’t think far.

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No doubt but is the indigenous people who works in those institutions. And people attitudes is very crucial when you give them certain roles to play

The work is the work, and people will do with it whatever they want to do with it.

Angela Merkel didn’t become a “good” leader by working alone, she needed many people to do differently things, and if those people are not doing their job properly, she will really have a tough time staying in power

If the system is working, you’ll have a great time executing your responsibilities. Simply put, the system we have here is b0llsh!t!

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The people who will ensure everything works are the same people who are corrupt in their actions :rofl::rofl:

BTW she’s not in power anymore since December 2021, just for the record, the post I copied uses the present tense for when she was in power.

Lol, which system, don’t have a system to start with.

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Laugh Lol GIF by Minions

Is it that she was offered these things and she refused to accept them or the offer was not even there in the first place. If others are taking while she doesn’t want to then she has done well. But then, those allowances she is refusing will still end up in another persons pocket anyway.

Next time she should take it and use it for something better rather than refusing to take it.

Lol. I live in Europe and in every country I’ve lived in there’s nothing like allowances and extras. All you get is your pay, nothing more. In one country the president was fined for over-speeding, just like they’d fine any other citizen. She didn’t refuse anything, there’s nothing to refuse.

Then there is no need to praise her for something that was not an option in the first place

That’s the point, it WAS NOT an option. She could make it an option, but she didn’t, that’s why we’re praising her. Our foolish leaders MADE IT AN OPTION!

I always say s3, democracy is a system our leaders do not understand.