An empty stomach is not a good political adviser

We the youth in this country have to be wise enough when choosing our leaders.

Welcome to OF @Anthony_Atito, the problem is, look at the set of leaders the youth has to pick from. If you say we should be wise in choosing our leaders you make it sound like there’s an option. All the flagbearers from both NPP and NDC and the remaining parties are not correct. So how do we choose when there’s no choice? :cry:

Very sad :pensive: but what can we do for them to change their attitude towards the development of this country?

I don’t think their attitude towards the development of the country can be changed. You see, african politicians are they way they are because of their mentality, they feel “if the whites came to loot, why can’t I also loot, it’s my own land after all”.

They are looting and making themselves rich because that has been the status quo since colonialism. The only way in my opinion is to have a youth party to replace the old men. A strong, vibrant new set of leaders from the younger generation. All the current parties we have should be burned and replaced with new ones full of young people.