Am scared of humans; I’m always paranoid when I see them’ - Fella Makafui reveals

According to the 'YOLO’TV series actress
She said she is scared of humans because despite being good, she always receives evil in return. For this reason, she experiences paranoia when she sees humans.

“A lot of people don’t like it when you are good or nice to them. I got clean and good heart towards people, and they still f**k up,” she revealed in a Snapchat post on Thursday, July 22.

She said she chose work over humans and that humans are not the best thing to have around.

“This is the reason why I get scared of humans. I’m always paranoid when I see humans, lol. I fell in love with my work, and I got to know humans are just not the best thing to have around. So sickening.”

“The people that matter to me; my husband, my daughter and work (money) and my family. Some of these humans don’t know what loyalty is.”

She continued to reveal that she finds happiness in her small circle, adding that counting money and working is her second happiness.

“No wonder I find happiness in my small circle, and my second happiness is working and counting money. You all are so messed up, the reason you won’t see me everywhere. I’m in my lane always, minding my business.”

She switched her account back to its private status: “My account is back to private…Peace and love.”

It’s unclear why Fella Makafui shared this message however she is always bold to speak about issues affecting her mentally or happening in her circles. From the look of things, it seems there is more to come.

Sro nnipa , that’s what they say , humans are unpredictable but we still need them ,no matter how evil they are we still need them we cannot be alone forever it gets sad and hard sometimes

So is fella saying humans are not going to be her friend, family or business partners. The more you become cynical and paranoid,the more you make people around you look bad because they can’t please you. . limit your expectations and be good.

Welcome to the essence of living, Fella. We humans are like that. This is why some preferred to have dogs, cats and other great pets instead of a a fellow human friend. But you can’t stop doing good my dear.

But this is what makes life beautiful. The betrayal, backbiting, ungratefulness etc. One of my favorite philosophers, Seneca said:

As long as you live, keep learning how to live.