All die be vrs do or die

Nana Addo once said Ghanaians should go into an election with all ‘die be die’ mentally .

Fast forward yesterday, John mahama; NDC’s flag bearer in 2020 election and once a president is saying the 2024 elections at the poling stations will be ‘do or die’ affair.

Should our leaders be spewing such irresponsible words?

NPP= all die be die

NDC= Do or die.


@Riyadh they are the people responsible for violence and killings during elections because they make their followers think their souls are worth sacrificing for politicians. National security won’t call this persons and warn them ooo. Just because they are powerful.

Herh , Ghana paa di3, we hail and support this reckless people as our leaders. How do you unite people with such utterances; I don’t know why we are backward when others are moving fast in development.

My point exactly. Who in their right mind would FIGHT to serve if not for the chance to steal national assets? If you’re an elected official, you’re there to SERVE, who fights to be a servant? Our constitution is bogus, likewise the constitution of many African countries. Zuma was recently released on grounds of health in SA… waa look, how can we move forward? If they were held accountable for stealing, I don’t think anyone would DIE to serve.


Ghana politics is like kokofu ball b).
if your brother no dey inside dem no go pass you
its very sad

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Africa is sick. Most of the people who claim to come serve us don’t mind killing pregnant women and children for ‘juju’ to win power.
How can these people say they want to serve you if not for their parochial and selfish desires.

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Ako’wei te brɔfo!



In short, the comments by Ex-President John D. Mahama were unfortunate and he must apologize. Politicians must be responsible and act by our laws and not create unnecessary tensions. They have a responsibility to respect the laws of Ghana. They have followers and must be guided by that because their comments can resonate with people who are inspired by them. His comments have no place in our politics.


This our Politicians are really causing a lot of harm to our nation and the Youth see it to be normal This old folks just want Power and finish all the money in the name of leaders and we’ve tolerated their nonsense for long

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What baffles me is the fact that, people are defending these utterances. Anything that has the word “die” should be eliminated from Ghanaian elections and politics. H.E. Akuffo-Addo’s “all die be die” and Fmr Prez Mahama’s “do or die” are wrong and inappropriate comments. sigh

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@danielamissah people will defend what they feed from, whether good or bad. That’s where Ghana finds itself

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