Akufo-Addo freezes salary increment for himself and all appointees of the Executive

The president, Akofu-Addo has placed an embargo on salary increment for himself, his Vice, and all the appointees of the executive for this year as a way of contributing to the reduction of the effect of the virus on the local economy.

The president places an embargo on salary increases for this year? This makes me wonder if salaries are increased every single year. This move is obviously to fill their pockets. It would make sense to only increase your salaries if you contribute positively to the economy. They should work for those pay raises and not when the country is performing worse year-by-year.

This doesn’t communicate anything positive to me, other than another form of deceit.

I remember during 2012 election the now president confidently uttered that he wasn’t going to take any any salary, I keep wondering what happened why did he change his mind placing an embargo on salary now doesn’t solve the any of the burdened situation we are in now… the unemployment rate in this country keep rising. It’s just so buzzard to be in the country as at now.

When did he make that decision? If he thinks you can rob peter to Paul , then he lies bad. He’s busily increasing and introducing new payment regimes ad you are saying what? He can’t freeze any one’s salary. It’s a Big lie.

Where’s the covid 19 fund that was raised. There was no accountability or whatsoever to the masses. You keep borrowing to feed your cronies and friends and you think we can believe salary freeze ananase story? Lemme stop ranting and go get some Akple and abobi tadi na nipa y3 forkin

Oh good , if he freezes salary of his executive cabinet, that is good. I think the initiative should be maintained for a year. That way , we can congratulate the president for truly saving the public purse. But as we speak the public purse is seriously leaking