Ahomasuo 24/7: Upcoming artist leaves stage without performing just after he witnessed this

An underground artiste has been the talk of the social media this afternoon, after he displayed an act of disrespect at a beauty pageant. He was invited to perform at the Miss Volta Ghana, a prestigious pageant in the Volta region, aimed at crowning the lady who will stand out amongst the rest.

After his invite, he showed up at the stage but, unfortunately had to leave the stage prematurely after he complained about how bad the sound was. He has been identified as Jay Phinga, and the social media has tagged him as “Mr. Arrogance”.

This guy literally left the beauty queens standing on the stage without performing his songs. It all started like a joke but as time went on, he proved that he was really serious.

I mean, if the DJ chose a wrong beat, why not ask him to change it? I wonder the kind of arrogance which would make him think, asking the DJ to change the sounds was not a good idea.

This guy hasn’t blown yet but he is not ready to submit and humble himself so, imagine what he will do if he blows. Even, the musicians up there humble themselves, how much more this guy, who is yet to see the limelight? Many people are amazed as to how he came up with that move and it is even funny when you realize he is an underground artist.

Teacher Kwadwo posted the video on his Twitter page and the link to the video can be found here. After posting the video, people were amazed and reacted to the artist’s arrogance. Indeed, he is going to stay arrogant 24/7

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