Agyemang-Badu narrates how he lost farming investment after putting caretaker in charge

Ex-Ghana midfielder Emmanuel Agyemang-badu- has opened up on how he lost an investment he made in agriculture some years ago

Agyemang-Badu narrates how he lost farming investment after putting caretaker in charge

The 30-year-old said he once bought 20 acres of land and invested in cassava, ginger, maize and other food stuff

However, he said, the investment went down the drain after he left everything in the hands of a caretaker.

For this reason, Agyemang-Badu said he wouldn’t advise anyone to go into farming if he or she isn’t around to monitor everything.

“I had wanted to go into agriculture, farming [after retirement]. I tried but it didn’t go well so I stopped,” he told Sammy Kay in an interview.

“With farming, you need to be there to be monitoring. If you leave it in the hands of people, it won’t go well. I wasn’t living in Ghana and anytime I returned, all they gave me was excuses.

“It was like I was just wasting money, so I stopped. I invested in cassava, maize and ginger on over 20 acres of land.”

In January, Agyemang-Badu officially announced his retirement from the Ghana national team after over a decade of playing for the Black Stars.

The 30-year-old has endured a frustrating last 24 months, which saw him sidelined for over six months after being diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs.

However, the former Udinese and Bursaspor midfielder has returned to full fitness and is currently working towards finding a new club.


It’s not only farming. Any business that is left in the hands of a caretaker will likely not thrive the way you want it. I don’t know if this is a Ghanaian thing or the world in general. This is common with taxi and trotro drivers. They are always having problems with caretaker over sales.

Herh some Ghanaians have wicked attitude oo. You sit here and say there are no jobs but when someone puts you into a job to work, you dupe and lackadaisically treat the work . Agyamang Badu wont invest in Ghana again because of some wasting his 20 acres of farm.

The see it as an opportunity to make some easy money. They will give less than half of the day’s sales to the job owner. What kind of attitude is this?