Agradaa robbed Ghanaians in broad daylight

Apparently in Ghana you can dupe people and won’t be prosecuted because the court doesn’t deal with “spiritual” matters. The money this woman robbed from gullible victims is not “spiritual” though. On that basis I feel this women should be sent to face the law and jailed.

Now she’s “repented”, burning her fake gods and setting up another avenue to scam more people, where she won’t be prosecuted again because Christianity is also “spiritual”…

Why do we have to allow this to go on in Ghana?

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Why do we have to allow ourselves to be deceived by the likes of Agradaa? The simplest things causes the biggest problems. Those robbed chose to be robbed and they were robbed. I have no much pity and sympathy for the gullible.

Agrada did not scam any one . She is a smart woman who has identified a market segment and deviced means of trading in there.

She got know how greedy and selfish the society has become. People want to get rich quick without any work. People need power to perform miracles in churches, politicians also want to assume power and rule by force.

So all she did was to set up a shrine and start performing fake magic to her unsuspecting customers.

Now that she’s gotten all the money and is belly full, she decided to do the right thing by returning to Jesus way. She’s now a Christian so let’s welcome her to start working to Winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

We must learn from this!!!

How on earth :earth_americas: will some Ghanaians allow themselves to be fraud by someone like Agradaa? At times, I can’t think far.

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