Agenda 419 of Agenda 111

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has decided to divert attention from his incompentent administration to creating certain agendas that will not ‘agend’ . How feasible is to build 111 hospitals in 3 years . Na foundation ne form work kwraaa y3 how many months?

We don’t need any agenda 419 section (111) from the NPP government biaa. They should go and complete all abandoned hospital projets first.

NB: Sorry for the wrong insertion of photo, I will look for Nana Addo’s picture and replace it .

But wait oo, can any Omanba member Identify the object circled in the photo ? Anaa your focus is on something else? Focus and let’s build this country for once my people.

Written and edited by: Incorrigible Kusie Maame Twe :sunglasses::smiley::sunglasses:

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I’m speachles after reading this post. I don’t know what to type :joy::joy:

The title was on point , then the picture was confusing , then you came up with nice post about agenda 111 hospitals; it was good opinion from you.

But what I can’t get is ; you will get Nana pic and replace : eeii :joy: , you leave it wai, I’m sure the guys will like it remain there . Herh hmmm @Kusie_Maame_Twe ???

Eiii what am I seeing. Everything is confusing :joy::joy::joy:. The post made sense tho. I like the idea of getting much attention

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What are seeing? @KhodedBoss2 . Did you finally see that Nana Addo is doing us 419 about building 111 hospitals by 2024? Hhhm he’s doing all these for attention sake ooo. We see am already.

Don’t worry I’m still looking for Nana Addo’s picture of him cutting a sod for the hospital project . Once I get it , he will be up there :open_hands: :point_up_2:

Arh but kusie kraa!. I woke and saw this topic thinking that I am about reading something valuable about Ghana just to meet this :joy::joy::rofl::joy:.

Things really they happen rough

If you read it carefully, you will see that , at least the guy talked about the agenda here though. The photo is what confused everything