Agenda 111 and Abandoned Hospital projects; What's in this lacuna?

Okay so president Nana Addo has promised to build 111 district hospitals across the country; a similar promise was made in 2020 about 88 hospitals but we are yet to see it effected.

There are about 260 uncompleted hospital projets in this country. The okonfo anokye maternity block is Uncompleted since Rawlings regime, children hospital, Lekman , and even Korlebu has so many blocks unattended to but the president is busily cutting sods for new ones.

We are all concerned citizens so my question, is what exactly are we missing as people? Why do we have much uncompleted projects around the country and what in your honest opinions can be done to stop this. ?

This is the country’s political system. The new government thinks if they continue with the projects by the predecessor, they won’t get credit or recignition from it. They rather abandone those probjects and start with new ones with tax payers money. The cycle continues with npp and Ndc till God comes