African proverb

He who finds an Accra girlfriend has found an orphan.



At first glance I thought “this is deep” but actually it isn’t.

I’d like to interpret it as:

If you find a girlfriend in Accra be prepared to be her sole source of income. You’ll provide financially for her materially and emotionally.

PS: No disrespect to Accra girls



Bro , the truth is, immediately you propose love to a girl in Accra p3, her mother’s rent is due, her school fees is left with 1000 cedis, her bothere’s epilepsy has degenerated and needs money. It’s nauseating sometimes.

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Agree with @siaw. This proverb is as clear as day.

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This matter erhh :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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The matter chop hot / as3m no adi loto :joy::joy:

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We should create a thread where we drop our favourites proverbs in Twi lol :sweat_smile:

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If you start the thread I’ll add my proverb.

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This problem Herrr. Mese I met one girl bi sometime ago and we started to go out one week norrr her mom is in the hospital and she needs money
The second week norrr her birthday is approaching what will I get her
The third wee too arh she said her bro was involved in an accident. Eii and the most annoying thing is that all these girls have serious boyfriends aside you. chale if you get a girls in Accra it’s a scam run for your life

Are girls from other cities any different?

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Sure my girl friend from Aburi is far different. She is hard working and not demanding. I only give her money regularly because I want her to know she has an able boyfriend

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Preach…my brother preach😂

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Kwaku Frimpong/ Asem b3ba :joy::joy:

Am telling you my brother :joy::joy::joy::joy: