Africa has far higher death rate among critically ill Covid-19 patients, study finds

Africa now has the highest death rate in the world among adults who become critically ill after contracting Covid-19, according to new data.

The African Covid-19 Critical Care Outcomes Study (ACCCOS) published in The Lancet observed 64 hospitals across 10 African countries between May and December 2020 and recorded the deaths of 1,483 patients from the respiratory disease out of 3,077 cases, giving the developing continent a mortality rate of 48.2 per cent, considerably higher than the 31.5 per cent global average Its authors attribute the disturbing discrepancy to a lack of intensive care resources and an underuse of those available, noting that half of patients died without being given oxygen and that, while 68 per cent of hospitals had access to renal dialysis, only 10 per cent of severely-ill patients (330 out of 3,073) actually received it.

“Our study is the first to give a detailed and comprehensive picture of what is happening to people who are severely-ill with Covid-19 in Africa, with data from multiple countries and hospitals,” said Professor Bruce Biccard from Groote Schuur Hospital and the University of Cape Town, co-leader on the research.

“Sadly, it indicates that our ability to provide sufficient care is compromised by a shortage of critical care beds and limited resources within intensive care units.”

Yes it is obvious africa wI’ll record higher covideo 19 death rate than other continents.
Even though Africa has the lowest rate in spread of the virus , the research shows that we still recoring the death of critical cases.

The reason is simple; that african hospitals do not have a adequate ventilators to put cater for the relatively small number of cases brought to them. It’s sad but the news is that Africa is far safer when it comes to this pandemic

When Melissa Gates stated that she fears for Africa because we might suffer hard from this pandemic she was really criticized for undermining Africans, but the truth will always be painful, even tho the cases recorded in Africa is lesser than other continent, we are dying the most. Because we have no facilities to accommodate , hence, we die.

The leadership in Africa during the when the covid first hit the continent was very bad. They saw this as an avenue to make money to fuel their election campaign. This was expected.

Hmm, the virus is not even serious in africa ooo. If you see the hovac this virus is causing people in other countries, you will marvel.

Africa doesn’t have ventilators in their hospitals so any critical condition us equal to death