Afia Schwar Vs. Ayisha Modi: ‘The devil finds work for idle hands’ - Mzbel fires stray bullets

Ghanaian hiplife songstress Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, popularly known as Mzbel, has fired ‘stray bullets’ amid Afia Schwarzenegger and Ayisha

Afia and Ayisha have been at each other’s throat since Monday after the latter took the former to her Instagram page to jab her over Moesha Boduong.

She said she is just a female boss building her empire and winning with receipt, indirectly suggesting that Afia and Ayisha have no work to do, hence their beef.

“The devil finds work for idle hands ampa! Well… I’m Just a female boss building her empire and winning with receipt,” Mzbel captioned a photo she posted on her Instagram page yesterday.

Ayisha started the whole beef a few days ago when she randomly attacked the people around Moesha Boduong through her Instagram page.

She started with Moesha’s pastor, Gabby Ibe, accusing him of coaxing the actress into selling her properties to his church after repentance. She took the fight to model Victoria Michaels for having a hand in Moesha’s predicament.

She later turned the heat on Afia Schwarzenegger, but the response she got from Afia is nasty and dirty.

In Afia Schwarzenegger’s initial response to Ayisha’s allegations, she accused Ayisha of smoking weed – an illegal drug in Ghana. She also said Abass Sariki hasn’t married Ayisha as she claims and that Sariki was absent at the birthday party Ayisha organised for his own son.

She claimed the Ayisha still owes an estate developer after purchasing a piece of land.

Her myriad of allegations includes Ayisha being a lesbian, sleeping with people’s wives for money, living in hen coop and kissing asses of celebrities to befriend them.

Afia also claimed that Ayisha is still owing a land she bought from former musician, Diamond Appiah.

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Eei people don’t like peace in the world oo. Who sent mzbel to say something about afia and modi, we no send you oo. If that gbenabu afia girl gets you, you won’t recognize yourself again

That’s why I do not recognize these people as celebs, they do not act like celebs , they throw tantrums like children and make unnecessary insinuations, they do not bring any positive contribution to society.