Adam and Eve are not from Africa

Adam and Eve must’ve been white, they only took one apple…if they were Black, all the apples would’ve been gone plus the tree for firewood. if they were Chinese…they would have eaten snakes as well :rofl::joy:

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Lol these makes much sense than Some theories that seeks to confuse us about where Adam and eve comes from. Simple logic of the environmental features will bring out the truth :grin::grinning::grinning:

But I believe Adam and eve are Africans because it’s Africans that allow themselves to deceived or corrupted :blush:


Corruption is all over the world not Africa alone.
It’s just that We Africans are not smart enough to hide it like the others,so it’s always obvious that we are the most corrupt continent​:joy::joy:

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Please I disagree with you. Adam and Eve are from Africa, there are apple trees in Some part of Africa so it’s obvious. The snaked that came to the garden was also a black snake. Eden is located in think somewhere Ethiopia or Egypt, I stand to be corrected though

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