About politics in GH

Why is Ghanaian politicians are so corrupt?


Bro, the system in African politics is designed such that, you must be corrupt if you want to join the political arena. Even if you are not corrupt, you will find yourself defending corruption scandals by your political party. This is a sad phenomenon in Africa most especially. Politics is a get rich quick venture lately

Because this whole democracy thing does not work in developing countries. It promotes greed among the ones in power which then leads to corruption.

The countries that are benefiting from democracy are countries mainly already established who’ve passed the development phase long time ago.

A developing country needs a stable and straight leadership and Nkrumah recognised that by making Ghana a one party system which would have provided that stable leadership needed to go through the developmental phase.

Now it’s just a game of “We are in power, let’s take loot as much as we can before we can voted out”

This is not a call for dictatorship, just a steady leadership. Have a look at Rwanda.

The rate at which Ghanaian Politicians are corrupt stems from two things. One I think, is an attitudinal problem and the second has to do with the courses of corruption. Some of which are, the size and structure of governments, the democracy, and the political system, the quality of institutions, economic freedom/openness of the economy, salaries of civil service, press freedom and judiciary, cultural determinants, percentage of women in the labor force and in parliament colonial heritage and the endowment of natural resources

It is sad and very annoying, but I guess it is about time we retire NPP AND NDC… we need new blood, new thinking just like Rwanda and anybody who misappropriated the public purse should be dealt with without mercy deterring anyone to think twice before dipping their hand. Arise Ghana youth…

I think so because apart from all that you stated, I don’t think there is any factor.