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How can Africans curb this issue of sending our good students or people to European countries in the name of scholarship

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I don’t think that’s an issue? How comes you think that’s an issue?

The idea is to send some of our brightest students to top universities to provide them with all the needed and extra tools for them to succeed and for them to return back to invest and apply that knowledge in their own country. I think it’s a win-win situation.

Also, I think this should be in the politics section.


Yeah I think the idea of sending the best students to better universities is not a bad one. If we had these universities in our own countries it wouldn’t make sense to send our best student out.

Agree 100% with @Kwabena (:+1:t5: for noticing the post is in the wrong section :wink: )


I do not see any kind of problem with that though. Acquiring knowledge from great universities in the European countries comes back to help us build our own country with the knowledge we acquired. The only problem is where students have to pay huge amounts of money before they are given the scholarships is my headache. The poor are always left out, which is not the best and will continue to increase the poverty in our world because the rich continue to be rich and the poor very poor. very sad…

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You do not remain stagnant without exploring. By exploring you get to be innovative. And that’s the opportunity some have had to study outside or abroad. The positivity of bringing about development in their local country matters.