About 11,840 NABCO personnel to be permanent workers at ministries, police and military effective August 1

The Ministry of Finance has given clearance for 11,840 staff under the Nation Builders Corps to be permanently employed at the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). This hint comes from the deputy finance minister, John Kumah, who made the announcement on Hello FM radio station.

“ The objective now is that every NABCO person will be made permanent in his or her place of work with this new directive from government. In six separate letters, four to the interior minister and the other two - education and national security ministers confirming the clearance to employ staff members effective the 1st of August, 2021”.

The NABCO programme stated with the recruitment of 100,000 young graduates who were paid 700 cedis per month as an allowance.

Source: yen.com.gh

Oh wow that’s a good news. Congratulations to our brothers and sisters who will soon become police and military personnel. You can make the uniform proud and respectable. Please don’t go there to become like those beating civilians for no crime committed. As for the bribe I know you will take it,especially those going into the police force.

However please do it with caution so that you do that retirexist with thousand cures and protruding stomach. I know what I’m talking about.

Kodus to the government and all stakeholders for making this graduates permanent workers

It’s about that time, honestly speaking I pity this government for not prioritizing employment as the first initiate strategy for developing the country, getting a job in this country is a really hard thing to do, most of these folks that sign up for Nabco have been working for years collecting minimum wages. And now considering the rate at which the system is rising the money paid to them at the end of the month can barely take them through a week. I hope this is just the first step of decreasing the unemployment rate in Ghana

Are we seriously buying this? This is one of their gimmicks. This so called opportunities will soon be filled with party faithfuls instead of those who are qualified. Nepotism as usual will replace competence and ability. This is a mediocre move and it deserves no praise.

We wouldn’t actually know that for a fact so i believe for now we can hope for the best for those giving the opportunities and pray it’s not some jingled of trick to gain their trust

The NABCO project is a great Ideal and excellent program for the youths to get themselves busy. Now the integration of these temporary workers
Into the permanent ones is the best decision ever by the government.