A strange bridal list containing strange items from a bridal ceremony has popped up on the internet and has caused a stir on social media

Bridal list are basically items listed by the family of the woman for the man or supposed husband to fullfil it’s requirment. A strange marriage list has found its way into the public space and has gotten a lot of people talking and asking questions on why some items were listed in the list for the ceremony.

The strange marriage list is allegedly coming from Apollo in the Western Region of Ghana but the family behind it is currently unknown. In the list, some items including Knocking fee which is GHC 500, Bridal Fee of about GHC 5000, Money for brother-in-law (2,000), cloth for the mother and father. Some cloths for the wife to be and other items.

However, what makes the list strange is about how some other items have been fixed in this particular marriage list. The strange things added to the list were;

money for coffin and a mortuary fee. It is unknown why the family added them but it appears new to many people.

The family has again added an amount of GHC 4,000 to the coffin whilst the mortuary fee is GHC 3,000.

The man is again supposed to buy twenty each of goats, guinea fowls, and sheep. Apart from that, he will present one hundred and fifty bags of cement and fifty tons of iron rods. The tall list also includes perming cream, shoes for ladies, spray, bags, slippers, and many others.

The family has stated under the list that the blessing of the marriage should be celebrated at Apollo but has cautioned the man to come for renegotiation in two weeks if he cannot afford all.

Eei na aden? I’m sure this list was created by someone in their sitting room just to spark internet conversation. But if it’s true then the man(groom) has a lot of job to do in fulfilling those obligations. Families must stop selling their daughters to men , it’s a recipe for abuse

:joy::joy: the thing dierrr sometimes it can be true . Sometimes too it can be someone that just try spark the internet

Yeah it can be you know how people always want to catch attention with stuffs like this but it can be true too

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Maybe the money is for life insurance. They don’t know what is going to happen after the marriage. Maybe either of the parents is too old and suspects they’ll die soon after the ceremony :joy:

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They don’t know. Unnecessary stuffs they’ve being including in their bridal list is just beyond imagination. This stuffs are the reason why abuse in so many marriages are occurring because after the man provides all the things listed, he feels like he now owns the woman and anytime the woman makes a mistake in the marriage, beatings also comes in.

Bro it can be true. I was saw this bribal list and I was like why, are they selling their daughter out. The list was so full of unnecessary things and most of them were expensive too. This sometimes causes lack of happiness in marriages because some men don’t have that kind of money to purchase all those stuffs but since he loves their daughter, he will go for loan and at the end it hinders the happiness they could have enjoyed after marriage.

Isn’t it funny? :joy::joy:. How can you include mortuary fee and coffin. Maybe it’s for the guy himself, he just don’t have any idea about it. It means if he tries to abuse their daughter, he should remember he’s going to mortuary straight in that coffin. :joy::joy:

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If I pay give something like this dierr then the lady no go brief for the house sef ooo. Cos ein everything go dey bore me

Why is the girl made from gold?? Like I go open pub and hire ashawo girls make dem come spoil there​:joy::joy::joy:

Why won’t you be bored if you’re to buy all this things because of one woman. Even how much is gold bar? People need to learn and stop adding this kind of unnecessary things in their bribal list. It calls for abuse when the lady does something wrong.

Let me keep quite and pass by erh :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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I now understand the reason why some men abuse their wives if they do things that are supposed to be forgiven

Many don’t know. Even though as a man no matter what you shouldn’t abuse your wife in anyway but in a situation like this, he’s always angry within him and anything that the woman will do, he uses that anger on her and abuse her.

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