9-year-old girl arrested for setting multi-million supermarket on fire

The Nigerian police arrested a 9-year-old female arsonist after CCTV footage showed her setting Ebeano supermarket on fire with a lighter.

The fire, which started late Saturday, July 17 2021, burned all night and into the early hours of the next day, grazed the million Naira shopping mall in Abuja to the ground. Fortunately for investigators, they were able to retrieve the footage from the cameras installed inside the shop.

The CCTV footage shows a young girl (name unknown) dressed in a black T-Shirt and jeans, walking casually down an aisle of the supermarket. She seemed prepared as she strolled directly to where lighters and gas cylinders are displayed on the shelves. She took one of the lighters and lit the box containing the rest.

After she walked out of the turning repeatedly to watch the progress of the fire. The entire aisle caught up in flames, and soon the whole building was up in smoke.
Luckily, she was arrested before she could cause more harm.

If the name is unknown and the girl has not been found yet how sure are we that she is nine. And if she is indeed nine then there is a mastermind behind it

Maybe she was sent by someone or she did it all by herself. You’ll never know what is really going on in the minds of people. But since she is a minor, this case will not go far.

Is the CCTV camera abe to see the age of the young girl? In any case, what could a 9 year old be doing in a super market alone. She’s an arsonist, then someone might have sent her .

She was arrested and asked questions. Or?

A nine year old girl can hardly think of doing something like that. There must be a brain behind it. Someone sent her in there to cause this havoc under the influence to buy her ice cream :ice_cream:. Hahaha… anyway, her case will not go far since she is less than 18 years.