7 Online Platforms That Have Made Game-Based Learning More Fun

Games are not always about wasting time and distractions. There’s so much more to gaming. However, parents have this false notion that games are not good for kids. And if you think similarly, you’re mistaken.

Some gaming platforms out there provide learning along with gaming. This way, the learning experience becomes fun and interesting. There are different genres to choose from which challenge a kid’s mind, eventually developing the brain.

If you want to know which online platforms can help your kid learn along with enjoyment, read along. Here, you’ll find a curated list of handpicked online platforms. So let’s start.

1. Miniclip:

Miniclip is a popular online gaming platform. It offers games in different genres like puzzles, adventure arcades, racing, etc. The best part about Miniclip is that you can play games free of cost. Yes, you need not buy a subscription to play the games.

The user interface is simple yet captivating. Everything is well organized and is easy to understand, even for kids. One can easily find and select the genre he likes. The downside of this platform is regarding multiplayer games. You need a high-speed internet connection if you don’t want it to lag.

All in all, Miniclip features some great educational games like Word Sailing, Animal Jam, etc for your kids. You can easily find challenging games to improve and educate your kid.

2. Pogo:

Yes, it’s the same name from the TV cartoon channel pogo. This platform is known as the best place for playing casual games. It garners over 15 million visitors on its website every month. And this is quite a number. At Pogo, not only can your kid play games but interact with other players globally.

This chat feature makes it more interactive. The UI, similar to Miniclip, is clutter-free and easy to understand. Your kid can take breaks while playing as there’s a pause option that saves the progress. In terms of learning, it has a lot to offer.

There’s a game known as Word Whomp. Your kid can create different words and learn how to spell with this game. You can find various other educational games too.

3. Addicting Games:

This platform or website has hundreds of games to play. You can find games in shooting, racing, adventure, and other genres. The best part here is that the games are available for free. Also, downloading games on this platform is super easy. Play Geography is a popular game available on this platform.

However, it comes with two major downsides. The first one is the non-skippable advertisements. These ads can disrupt the play. Also, in some games, there are not enough details for the user to understand the gameplay. Again, this can be problematic for the user.

4. GeForce Now:

The GeForce Now platform is one of the top-rated gaming platforms out there. The hours of play are restricted per session. It means your kid can only play for a set duration in one session. You can easily sign in and get access to around 30 games for free.

And for accessing more games, you’ll need an account upgrade. You can share your high score with friends on social media on this platform. Anyone even with minimum hardware specifications can use this platform. Terraria and Hacknet are popular games with kids.

5. Kongregate:

Here’s yet another popular gaming platform. There are thousands of games sorted into different categories such as multiplayer, puzzle, shooter, racing, etc. The games on this platform are so vast that if you’re not a major gamer, you won’t know most games’ names.

To use this platform, a Facebook account is mandatory. It’s because the platform doesn’t accept Gmail logins. There’s a video tutorial that’ll help you understand everything. Another upside of this platform is that there won’t be any ads to disturb your kid. The Sandbox and RULLO are the two most popular games on this platform.

6. Mind Games:

The platform’s basic idea is pretty clear from its name. The Mind Games features games that’ll challenge your kids’ brains. It will help in improving the logical and reasoning skills of your kid. This platform offers the best learning experience and has just five genres which are: –

  • Puzzles.
  • Math.
  • Word.
  • Logic.
  • Sudoku.

You play these games online and download them as well. It means even when there’s no internet, you can still play these games. All in all, it’s an interactive platform with good graphics and a lot of learning potential. Wordscapes and Life Sudoku are popular games.

7. airG MiniMe 500c:

Now, this platform is a subscription-based one. You need to buy a subscription to access the content. By content, we mean educational games along with videos. This platform is a great choice if your kid has just entered the gaming world. You can find games in genres like adventure, education, strategy, etc.

The upside of this platform is that the games are free from violence. So, there won’t be any bad effect on your kid’s mind. Connect Dots and Try-memory are well-known games.

Posted by juegoadmin on August 19, 2021


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